– White Pages, People Search [] – AnyWho is a popular online people search directory using which one can find people, businesses, and other details. You can search people by their name, address, or contact number by simply entering whatever partial information you may have.

It is a free white page service helpful for finding lost acquaintances, local businesses, addresses, etc. the website is affiliated with the YP Yellow Pages and receives its rely on data received from Intelius.

At present, the website hosts database of people residing in the United States.

5 Major benefits of

  1. Let’s suppose you are looking for an old school friend in the US. All you know about him is his name. Using, you can try finding the details of this old friend. The website allows you to find the person or his details by entering his first and the last names. As you hit the submit button, it will match your search and show results matching the name you have entered. The results will show phone number, address, email id, social networking links, etc.
  2. Say you are looking for details of a company. All you know about this company is its phone number. You simply enter the details you have, and it will fetch results close to your search.
  3. The service is free and allows you to update and remove details any time as per your choice. It makes all the more appreciated website.
  4. It is helpful for sales teams looking for business details. It is even helpful for insurance brokers or agents looking for a database of individuals in a particular location.
  5. The major advantage of is the feature of Reverse Lookup. It allows you to look for the owner of the phone number and his further details. This also means you don’t actually have to know someone to find his details.

Tips for a Perfect Search

  • Try entering a partial first name
  • You can also leave the first name blank and just enter the last name to expand your search
  • Try formal variations like Sophia instead of Sophy
  • To narrow down your search, enter the first and the middle name
  • Ensure you enter the correct spelling

So, can we say that your information is open to the public and can be accessed by anyone? Yes indeed! A website like this would never want your information to be accessed by people with wrong intentions. However, it is still available. This makes it all the more important for you to know what and where all your personal information exists.

Yellow & White Pages

For easy navigation and a userfriendly experience, has divided the database into 3 broad categories.

Yellowpages (Find Businesses By Name or Category)

It lets you search by name to find basic information, maps to reach easily, coupons, video profiles, etc. Search by category to see mapped results. You can further filter these results.

Whitepages (Find People By Name)

Let’s say you are searching for an old neighbor. You can begin the hunt by putting his name. The results will give you the last updated details of the person. For better results, you can try entering both first and last names.

Reverse Lookup

You can enter the phone number and quickly know who it is registered to. Say, you missed attending a call, and you are eager to know who the caller was. Simply type the phone number into the search box, and it tells you exactly who it is registered to. update

The database is updated weekly. In case you find a piece of information that seems incorrect, it is probably because the person or the business has shifted. Databases are updated from multiple sources to ensure that the listings are complete. This further means that the website is sourcing data from a large pool, including public records and commercially available records.

Removing information from

Can you remove your information from Yes, you can! By removing your details, you are just safeguarding yourself by 1 step. This may further reduce the unwanted sales calls you may be receiving. So who can remove information from anywho database, and what exactly is the process?

Opting Out of

By simply following’s opt-out policy, you can remove your personal information from their database. The opt-out process is not for business listings.

You can fill a simple form available on their website for a removal request form, and it will be processed in 1-2 business days. However, in case the listing is sourced by database providers like Intelius, you will have to raise a removal request with them. Another way to submit the removal request is through snail mail.

Additional information on

Apart from your details, there will be other information about you which you may not have generated. These can be online articles, news stories, legal documents, social media posts and mentions from others, legal documents, directory listings, etc. Other information is sourced through government bodies—these property titles, birth and death certificates, court records, etc.


You must note that even if you pull off your information from one online website or directory, it is still available. It is also important to note that whether you have an online presence or don’t, there will still be information about you online.

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