– Win $500 BJ’s Gift Card in BJ’s Feedback Survey -BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings is the membership as well as a warehouse club chain operating in more than 15 states. In the 150 clubs, the BJ’s Wholesale is operating.

The company was opened in 1984, and at that time the purpose of that company is a discount department store and makes the expanded with some changes as well as other requirements.

Nowadays, BJ offers its members both online and off-line in the club as well as the wide collection of the product quality and qualities of groceries and cleaning supplies and besides health. BJ’s offers the electronics also like a computer, laptop, and home decor as well as business. – Win $500 BJ’s Gift Card in BJ’s Feedback Survey

The monthly survey of BJ’s Sweepstakes begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. This procedure of survey followed for every month.

The limit for the survey is one entree required one survey. The BJ’s employees select the random drawing to select the winners.

BJ’s also provides some rules and criteria to participate in BJ’s survey without that customer cannot get participation in BJ’s survey.

Contact Information of BJ’s

If in case the customer wants to get in touch with the service providers, then they call the team using their toll-free number that is 800-257-2582. Customers can send an email also using [email protected]; with the help, email id customers can send attachments also like if they get any trouble with login, then they can take a screenshot to send to the customer care team.

Take BJ’s Survey Online

The customers need to follow the rules to begin the survey and complete the survey properly.

Customers need to visit the official website of BJ’s is, and then the respected webpage is opened, later on, that page selects the appropriate language between English and Spanish. And then proceed to next. These are the initial steps.

Then on the next page of the survey customer needs to click on official sweepstakes rules link to view the terms and conditions of the survey. This is important to look out the terms and conditions before starting the starting.

After that, enter the validation or invitation code, which is available in receipt of BJ’s store. If you do not have the receipt, then customers need to purchase something from BJ’s store. After that, you will continue the survey.

The customer has to enter the requested information that is Club Number as well as Registration Number, then Transaction details, Cashier, as well as the date of your receipt. After that, click on the next to process further.

The customer will get the set of questions, and then the customer needs to provide the answer based on their experience and the services received by BJs. After all the survey’s questions, customers need to provide the information about them, and then they will be automatically entered into the current month’s sweepstakes.

After that customer needs to submit the survey by click on the Submit button. After submitting the survey, customers need to wait until BJ’s not provided the winner list. The list of the winner can be provided on the official site of BJs.

Criteria of BJ’s Survey

If a customer wants to participate in the BJ’s survey, then they need to follow the rules provided by the BJ’s director.

The rules are customers need to be a resident of the United States, where the BJ’s is allocated.

Then the age criteria are customers must have 18 years old or above 18 years.

The directors, workers as well the client’s o agents cannot take part in the survey, but if their relatives or friends have the receipt of BJ’s, then they can get participation in the survey.

If existing customers want to participate again in BJ’s Survey, then they need to take a new receipt from the BJ’s store. Each receipt has a different invitation code, so one code is used only one time.

Customers cannot exchange the rewards.

BJ’s Survey by Mail

If customers need to participate in surveys and attend the survey using mail, then they don’t need any purchases or receipts, they can participate in a survey by an alternative using email.

To make an entry in the mail, customers need to send a 3 by 5 hand-printed paper. Customer needs to send their details also like full name, phone number, address as well as birth date and zip code.

Customers can send mail on the official address of BJ’s which is BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc, PO Box 5230, Westborough, MA 01581-5230.

The reward of BJ’s Survey

After completing the survey, after 3 or 7 days, the employees of BJ’s announce the winners on their official website.

The first 20 peoples can get free coupons or monthly $500 BJ’s gift card. BJ’s provides some rules regarding the gift card that is each card has an expiry date, so winners need to use this free card bore it get expired.

Winners cannot translate the gift car or coupons into money. They need to accept the gift as it is.

Importance of BJ’s Survey

With the help of BJ’s Survey, the employees get the detail information about the customer’s feedback. With the help of this feedback, they can make changes to their warehouse as well as they can respond to the customer’s doubts as soon as possible and get a positive response from the user.

The BJ’s Survey feedback helps BJs to make changes and improve their systems. The BJ’s Survey is the best way to interact with different customers at one time, so the employees of BJ’s can easily get the data, and they can make changes in their services, qualities of products.

If you have purchased goods from BJ’s Wholesale Club at relatively lower prices, then it is likely you want to express to them your opinion about their services. The business operators value your opinions and they want to know what you feel and make meaningful changes accordingly, to serve their customers in a better manner. So go ahead and give your feedback to them in their customer survey. If you complete the survey then you have a chance of winning a 500 USD BJ gift card in their monthly sweepstakes.

A warehouse club chain, BJ’s wholesale club operates from the US East Coast. To join this chain one needs an American membership. It gives much lower prices than other retailers and aims at providing high-quality products to its customers. BJ’s products cover almost all aspects of customer’s lifelike toys, groceries, computers, office supplies, electronics, Housewares, and much more.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Store wants to know about your shopping experience, irrespective of the kind of experience you had. They encourage you to give your feedback on the quality of their products and services at their stores. You can participate in the feedback survey at Your feedback will help in bettering your experience in your next visit to the store. BJ’s gives away store gift cards to you for taking out time to participate in their survey.

What are the criteria to participate in BJ’s Survey?

  • You must be at least 18 years or above.
  • You should also be a legal resident of the United States
  • You must be familiar with either English or Spanish.
  • You must have the purchase receipt

The sweepstake does not apply to an employee or sponsor at BJ’s or their immediate relatives & members of the household. The same restriction extends to their respective affiliates, judges, agents, and advertising and promotion agencies.

  • You must take the survey within 1 week of your last purchase at BJ’s
  • One cannot sell or transfer the BJ gift card.
  • Only one entry per month is allowed.

Methods to Enter BJs Survey Sweepstake

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You can enter the BJs Customer Survey process using any of the 2 methods mentioned below:

Mail-In Method:

You can post a postcard giving your name, mail address, and contact number to the address mentioned here: BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc., Monthly Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 5230, Westborough, MA 01581-5230.

Online Method:

You can take the survey by visiting the feedback survey site by following the steps mentioned below to complete the survey. Restrictions 

Any employee of BJ’s Wholesale Store or their family members cannot take part in the survey. The same restriction applies to the affiliates, advertising and promotional agencies, and sponsors of the store and its subsidiaries.

The amount of purchase done at the store doesn’t determine your chances of taking part in the survey.

Meddling or voiding the BJ’s Wholesale customer satisfaction survey in any way is deemed a violation of criminal and civil laws.

If it is found that you are not providing valid feedback and it is partial towards the company or its employees then your entry into the survey may get terminated.

The survey is allowed only for adults who are 18 years or above in age. Step-by-step Guide

Step 1#: Visit BJ’s Wholesale store customer satisfaction survey at on your mobile phone or PC which has a stable internet connection.

Step 2#: Ensure that the survey is being taken for yourself and not on anybody else’s behalf.

Step 3#: Select the language that you are most comfortable with on the welcome screen, options are English and Spanish. 

Step 4#: In the next step you need to confirm that you are 18 years or above and that you or any of your family members is not an employee of BJ’s Wholesale Club store.

Step 5#: Enter the details mentioned on the purchase receipt. This may be the name of the club, registration number, cashier id or name, transaction amount and the date and time of purchase.

Step 6#: Answer the survey questions writing about your experience at the store. They may ask about the quality of products, services at the store, and the behavior of the employees at the BJ’s Store.

Step 7#: Recheck your answer and submit your survey. Once you submit the survey you will enter the BJ’s Wholesale club sweepstakes. Sweepstakes will give you a  chance to win a $500 gift card.

Note: Ensure you give honest answers. The survey influences the decisions of the people at Bj’s while they work towards the improvement of BJ Stores.


Benefits of BJ’s Survey

  •  Feedbacks and suggestions received via the survey influence the decisions the company takes to make customer’s experience better. Here are a few benefits of BJ’s survey for customers –
  • Joining Bj’s Survey is free.
  • You can send your feedback via a survey link on their website or via email.
  •  The survey lets you win a $ 500 gift card

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BJ’s Survey?

BJ’s Survey is a feedback program by BJ’s Wholesale Club to collect the customer’s experience. This feedback further influences the business decisions for improving customer’s visits to the store.

What are the rewards for BJ’s Survey?

You get a chance to win a $500 BJ’s Wholesale Club gift card. Additionally, you influence the future decisions that the company may make to make the customer’s experience better.

Are there any restrictions?

Employees, staff members, family members of BJ’s company/ store are not allowed to participate in the survey.

How to participate in BJs Feedback?

To participate in BJ’s feedback simply visit the website and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can email your feedback to BJ’s company. In this case, you need not have the purchase receipt.


You as a customer play an important part in making or breaking a company. Your feedback in terms of likes and dislikes is influential. Further, your opinion helps the company in improving their product and services.
Through BJs Feedback company intends to collect customer’s reviews to work upon their decision in making the customer’s experience better.

With the help of this detailed information, users or clients can understand how to get participation in the survey as well as the procedure of BJ’s Survey. With the help of surveys, customers get the chance to interact with employees and share their experiences. (

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