dqfansurvey.com – Win A Free Dilly Bar By Giving Feedback!

dqfansurvey.com – Since 1940, Dairy Queen has been winning the heart of its customers with their tempting ice-creams, milk-shakes and desserts. And what is the driving force behind their tremendous success?

Ahh, what else than their customer satisfaction! DQ came with a feedback platform for all its customers that allowed their patrons to answer a few questions regarding the food quality. Give your heartfelt answers at DQFanSurvey, and you can enjoy a free Dilly bar on your next DQ visit!



Things to keep in mind before you take the dqfansurvey

  1. A device with an internet connection 
  2. Recent visit DQ receipt that must have the survey code. The survey code must be a 19 digit number. It is an important element for you to take the survey. 

DQ Survey Eligibility

  1. You must know either of the languages – English, Spanish or French 
  2. You must be 18 years or above.

Who cannot take the survey?

  • If you are a family member of Dairy Queen, an employee, staff member, you are not allowed to participate in the survey
  • If you have not visited the store/restaurant, you must not take the survey as you will not be able to give honest feedback.

Coupon Validity 30 Days

Give away after Survey Free Dilly Bar, Discount Coupons, DC Gift Card etc.

Where to take the DQ Survey

  • dqfanfeedback.com 
  • dqfansurvey.com

Dairy Queen allows you to take the survey on either of the two websites. 

Steps to be followed for the DQFanSurvey:

Step 1. Go to the www.dqfansurvey.com or the www.dqfanfeedback.com

Step 2.  Check for a lock icon on the left side of the web address, before you proceed with the survey. It will ensure that the website you are opening is secured with the SSL encryption. As you are going to enter personal data on this site, it is necessary to check if the website is a verified one. Also check the spelling of the website is typed correctly, to prevent any phishing attack.

Step 3.  Below all the page details, you will find the language options. Note that, by default, the official page of www.dqfansurvey.com will load in English. If you are not comfortable with English, you can choose between French and Spanish too. After selecting the preferred language, go ahead with the survey.

Step 4. As the first page loads, you will be asked to enter the 19-digits Survey Code. It is for the people selecting the DQfanfeedback website.

Step 5.  If you have chosen the DQfanfeedback for filling the survey, you will have to enter the ten digit phone number printed on the receipt and mention the date and time of your visit.

Step 6. After all the details are filled up, click on the red-coloured Start button.

Step 7. Once you are through the first page, you will get different questions related to the experience, food quality, cleanliness, and the overall service.

Step 8. The dairy queen survey may take some time as the survey is a bit lengthy. Give your legitimate opinion to the questions.

Step 9. After the survey is done, you will have to provide your contact number. DQ will share the coupon codes at your provided contact details.

Step 10.  You’re done! Now you will get the redemption code which is the validation code for a free Dilly Bar! Keep this code with you until your next DQ visit.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow for completing the DQFanSurvey. Make sure you keep the code displayed at the end as it can’t be retrieved later.

DQ Fan Survey

Advantages of taking the Dairy Queen Survey

The Dairy Queen Survey is not just about rewards. When you take the survey, many benefits follow. 

  1. You get an opportunity to contribute by giving your suggestions and feedback. It helps in improving the quality of the food and the service. It automatically increases the customer satisfaction. Your answers are taken into consideration for any changes the management wants to make. It could be about the restaurant, the menu, the service or even deals and offers. 
  2. Once you take the survey, you will get timely updates about promotions, discounts and offers. This way you don’t miss any good deal running at the restaurant. 

Dairy Queen Survey Rewards

When you finish the survey, the website will instruct you to redeem the offer. You can see the offer or the reward on the receipt which you received while making your purchase at Dairy Queen. 

Apart from free ice-creams, Dairy Queen also gives away gifts upon taking the survey. 

Some of the questions DQ asks in the survey. 

  1. Would you like to visit the Dairy Queen store again?
  2. Would you recommend Dairy Queen to friends and family?
  3. How satisfied with the quality of the food served at Dairy Queen?
  4. How would you rate the service of the staff?
  5. How would you rate your dining experience?

About Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is quite a popular cafe in the streets of the United States. When the father and son duo developed the soft-serve formula for the ice-creams, they first sold their discovery in their friend’s ice-cream store. Within just 2 hours, 1600 of them got sold! Later in 1940, John, the father and Sherb Noble, his friend cum owner of the ice-cream store, started the first DQ store. While maintaining its standards, DQ is the most cherished place of people of all ages. Be it kids, adults or even businessmen from other countries. Apart from the tempting desserts, they also have other fast-food options like burgers, sandwiches and French fries.

The annual turnover of Dairy Queen is approximately 3.64 billion US dollars. And that is how we all know how popular it is for the food it serves. Dairy Queen is a brand name under the parent company Berkshire Hathaway owned by John Fremont McCullough and Alex. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Dairy Queen Survey

Question: Is the receipt mandatory to take the survey?

Answer: An order at the store is required, which will give you a receipt. This receipt will display the survey code which you need to enter while taking the survey. That’s why the receipt is mandatory.

Question: If I do not have access to the internet, can I ask a friend to take the survey?

Answer: It is not recommended that another person takes the survey. Since you have experienced the food and service of Dairy Queen, you are the right person to take the survey.

Dairy Queen Location

Dairy Queen is today proud of its 6000 restaurants globally, while the USA itself has 70% of the Dairy Queen restaurants. 

Dairy Queen Working Hours

Monday to Sunday – 8:30 AM-11 PM

DQ Customer care number – 18667937582.

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