feedusback.dominos.com – Dominos Survey Get 12 Free Pizza Coupon

feedusback.dominos.com – Who does not love pizzas? And when they are from your favorite outlet you love it more. If you have recently tried dominos pizzas you have got the opportunity to participate in their survey to let them know how much you love them. Dominos invites you to share feedback on your experience. In return, you can win free pizzas for yourself. In this post, we will walk you through all the details you need to take the survey. At the end of the post, we have listed a few common questions visitors search answers to. Let’s begin!


feedusback.dominos.com – Dominos Survey Get 12 Free Pizza Coupon

Dominos would like to listen to you. So be honest about your experiences, this will help Dominos improve and give you better service on your next visit. 

Rules and regulations for Dominos survey

  • The minimum age of participants should be 18 years or above at the time of participation.
  • A digital device like a personal laptop or smartphone is a must.
  • The internet connection should be good. 
  • The payment receipt will help the participant to fetch details for the survey
  • Coupon code can be used by only one participant.
  • The receipt can not be sold. 

How to participate in the Dominos survey?

Following simple steps, you can participate in the Dominos survey online. 

Step 1: Open the homepage of the survey

Step 2: Choose the preferred language.

Step 3: The purchase receipt mentions the survey entry code, which has to be entered by the participant. Ensure you have the receipt handy with you. 

Even if you do not have the dominos receipt, you can participate in the survey by giving the details mentioned below :

  • Visit date 
  • Visit time
  • Store Address 

Step 4: You can start the survey once you’ve furnished all the details. 

Step 5: Answer the restaurant-related questions displayed on the screen, honestly. 

Some personal data has to be mentioned on the survey website to get information about new offers from the food store. 

Step 6: Once done, you will get a coupon code that you need to keep safe until you visit the outlet next time. You can avail discounts and free pizzas showing the coupon code at the time of your new order. 

Basic data which customer/participant has to fill for the survey

  1. Participant age 
  2. Whether food delivery service by the staff is speedy or not 
  3. Have you ordered pizza online?
  4. Quality of the pizza?
  5. Comfort factor with the food cost?
  6. Will you make a recommendation to new customers?
  7. Any service related suggestions?
  8. Any complaints related to the service provided by the staff?

About Dominos

In 1965, the dominos logo had three dots, which represented three restaurants in the country. An extra dot was to be added for every new store opened. But this unique idea of the owner got obsolete due to its rapid growth. 

Between 1967 and 1978, dominos grew to around 200 stores.

Although the restaurant has a primary pizza focus, it can also offer other products based on customer taste and preferences. Just like pizzas, these products also have a delicious taste. 

The menu card of dominos has changed over time. Apart from pizzas, the menu also features beverages, pasta, baked sandwiches, desserts, etc. The first dish ever offered by dominos was pan-pizza. Around 40% of its customers still prefer pan pizza. Among the variety of pizzas on the menu, the most popular remains extra cheese pizza. Dominos, founded in 1960, is the world’s largest pizza seller chain in terms of sales. Its headquarters are located in Michigan, and the company is incorporated in Delaware.

Dominos’ menu list is customized as per the given region. Italian-American dishes dominate the present menu of dominos in the USA. 

The former CEO, Drave Brendon, is now the chairperson of the Domino’s pizza group. The Board of directors is the main controller of the business and includes heavyweights like Andrew Balson, James Goldman, Diana Cantor, Richards Federico, Andy Ballard, and Allison. 

Domino’s 30-minute Delivery

Previously dominos ran a scheme whereby the customer used to get a free pizza if the same was not delivered within 30 minutes of the order. The customer can also order from dominos over the phone and through his or her mobile. In the latter case, he or she can check the status of his or her order.

However, the 30-minute scheme was discontinued due to its potential harm to the customer as well as the delivery person. The scheme where bikes were provided to employees to either have pizzas delivered in 30 minutes or make them free for the customer has been discontinued by Dominos. 

Due to the 30 minute deadline, employees used to drive dangerously, breaking the rules and injuring commuters. Also, red lights were frequently jumped. Hence, this was spoiling the firm’s goodwill and generating many public problems.

Customer Service of Dominos Survey

Dominos has a 24-hour customer care that can be accessed by dialing 1860-210-0000. Dominos’ menu varies across different regions and also offers gluten-free pizzas and oven-baked sandwiches. For $7.99, dominos offers three-topping carry-out pizzas. A special offer does not need any coupon or promo code.

For every online order, one coupon code is provided. On your next purchase, you can redeem that coupon code. You can still participate in the feedback survey even if you do not have a bill for the product or have misplaced it. 

For ensuring customer satisfaction, dominos has adopted a policy of delivering every order within 30 mins. Dominos has been in a partnership with Make A Wish Foundation since 2001, and in the same year,11,000 pizzas were provided to relief workers. 


Dominos always strives to know the customer’s viewpoint and hence values their feedback so that it can improve its products and its level of customer service. We hope we were able to give all the necessary details required to take the Dominos survey. If you think we have missed out on any information, please feel free to bring it to our notice. We will be happy to update the post. 

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