– United Intranet Login [Flying Together] – Co-workers at united airlines limited can communicate with each other by using the employee login portal; Employee login credentials ought to be private and not shared with others. Every time United Airlines flies together, the flying session is monitored by the airlines.

Using the intranet UAL site is not private to the workers. In any airline company, a common need is to create flight lists and schedules and view flight availability by non-rev. This routine purpose is done by utilizing the flying together ual app. You will have a successful trip if you get to know the program inside out.

Employee login

    • Follow the steps given below in order to login into the intranet flying together:
    • An employee login credentials are set up by the administrator.
    • In the login screen, enter your UID and password.
    • The site for employee login is –
    • Based on your employment history and designation, you will be given access to a range of information.

    Login for a non-United Pass Rider

    • In case you are a non-United Pass Rider, your buddy employee can set up your login credentials.
    • Using those credentials, you can log in to the flying together ual portal.
    • You get access to the information as a non-United pass rider.
    • As a non-United pass rider, you would need to change your password frequently.
    • In case you face difficulty in logging in, one reason might be that your password has expired. In this scenario, you would have to reset and create a new password.

    United Airlines Buddy Pass

    As an employee of United Airlines, you are entitled to get 12 buddy passes, which you could share with your family and friends. Using these passes, they can have a free cost journey by only paying taxes and other fees. Those who have buddy passes are considered as non-rev by the United Airlines and not VIPs in any way. The relatives and friends of United airlines’ employees enjoy the privileges of a buddy pass, but at the same time, there are some restrictions, one of which is following a certain dress code by the travelers.

    Traveling with a buddy pass 

    One must know that with a buddy pass, you do not get a confirmed seat. Rather your name gets listed in the standby list, and when there is a space available on the flight, confirmation of your seat will happen. The problem with a standby list of someone with a buddy pass is that it is below the standby list of all the paid customers. So your seat will be allotted only once all the paid customers in the standby list are given seats. If the standby list does not have any paid customer, then priority is given to your check-in time, for allotting seats.

    Benefits of using buddy passes

    • A buddy pass traveler pays much less than a normal rev passenger.
    • If the luck is with you, as a pass rider, you could also get a seat in Business class or First class without the need to pay any extra charges.

    Drawbacks of using buddy passes

    • Your seat is not guaranteed.
    • For any important travel, you cannot depend on a buddy pass.
    • A passing rider represents the airline employee, so they are bound by a proper dress code and etiquette.
    • The actions of a pass rider can affect the employee that may also result in the employee being denied the perks.
    • The expiry of United Airlines’ buddy pass is 1 year from the date it was issued.
    • Pass riders have the least priority in the standby list.
    • It could happen that you do not get a seat along with your friend.

    Tips: On using a buddy pass

    • Do not plan to travel during major vacations, weekends, or rush hours.
    • Since afternoon flights are usually crowded, you can try booking an early morning or late night flight.
    • Listen to the name-calling agent carefully.
    • Ensure that you reach the airport well in time or to your departure time or 2 hours before the departure time.

    Booking flight with a buddy pass

    Inform about your flight details to your employee friend. He must then check the available flights. Following the instruction of your employee friend, make the best use of the pass. You then need to collect the code and connect it with the reservation agent. At this stage, you have to ensure your name gets on the standby list. When you reach the airport, you will need to wait for the agent to call your name. 

    Employeeres United Airlines

    Employeeres is the official website that allows you to book personal travel passes if you are listed as an employee. If you are a United Airlines employee, you can create your account as a pass rider. 

    How to register for pass rider 

    • Visit the visit and click on ‘employee profile’
    • You will see the list with names of pass riders along with an option to activate. 
    • You will then see a pop up requesting your confirmation 
    • You can now enter the username, password, phone number, fax number, and email of the pass rider.
    • You will also have an option to allow/disallow permission for the “Vacation passes”.
    • Once you complete the step, the pass rider will receive an email with the username and temporary password.

    How to log in as a Pass rider on Employeeres United Airlines 

    • Once you receive the email from a buddy employee, note the username/password details.
    • Enter the login details. You will be prompted to reset your password for security purposes. 
    • You book every time travel, the buddy employee will receive an email with travel details. 

    How can pass rider change password

    • Select the ‘forget password’ option to set up a new password. 
    • Answer the security question and enter your new password.  

    Can the buddy employee change the pass rider’s account details?

    Yes! Simple click the employee profile and log in. As you successfully log in, select the ‘edit’ option. You will see the ‘change password’ option here. An email will be sent to the pass rider with the changed details. 

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