– Jollibee Survey & Feedback ( – Love the chickenjoy bucket at Jollibee? What about the chicken sandwich and hotdog? If you have been a fan of the Jollibee menu, tell them about it. From time to time, Jollibee introduces customer surveys to know what you feel about their service.

How to participate in Jollibee Survey

Survey NameJollibee Survey & Feedback
Survey URL
Survey Reward
Survey forResident of USA
Survey ProcessOnline & Offline
Survey Entry LimitOne entry
Age Limit18+

Usually the order receipt will carry the details of the ongoing survey and feedback programs. You can inquire at the counter. Most of the surveys are conducted online. However, if you reside in the US, you can send an offline postcard to the following address – to give your feedback.

100 Barranca Street Suite 1200, West Covina, CA 91791.

You can also call  at  (626) 369 7118 

Things to ensure when participating in online survey

  • Ensure you submit your feedback on the official website only. The link is usually provided on the order receipt.
  • Once you are on the right website, follow the instructions and provide correct details.
  • Submit the survey and note the reward or coupon code. This is provided right after you have submitted the survey

Restaurants give away rewards on participating in the survey. You can find the reward details along with the survey details on the purchase receipt. Many times, the survey will be an entry gate to enter the sweepstakes. 

Give your honest feedback as they are considered when the restaurant works towards making big and small decisions. Your suggestions help the restaurant in improving their service. This way you get to experience better service on your next visit. 

Who can participate in Jollibee Survey

  • Person who personally visit the Jollibee store can participate in the survey
  • Person must be 18 years or above and a citizen of the US
  • Staff members or family of Jollibee are not allowed to participate 
  • Stakeholders and affiliate marketers of Jollibee are not allowed to participate

Questions Asked in Jollibee Survey

The restaurant wants to know how do you like the food, the ambiance, service of the staff and what do you want them to add or modify. Survey questions are simple! You may either have to answer in yes/no or give ratings. 

The restaurant may want to know whether you were satisfied with the temperature of the food. They may also want to know if you are satisfied with the service of the staff and many such questions.

About Jollibee

Jollibee owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC)  is a Filipino multinational chain of fast-food restaurants. As of April 2018, JFC is present at 1,200 locations globally including the Middle East, East Asia (Hong Kong, Macau), Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe (Italy and UK).

Tony Tan Caktiong along with his family started Magnolia ice cream parlor in Cubao, Quezon City in 1975. Later the outlet began offering sandwiches and hot meals on customer requests. The family decided to convert the ice cream parlor into a fast food restaurant as food items became more popular than ice cream. In 1978, the first Jollibee outlet was opened. The change in strategy was advised by Manuel C Lumba, a management consultant. The initial name “Jolibe” was later changed to “Jollibee”.

Jollibee Foods Corporation incorporated in January 1978 is the company that manages the chain of fast food. There were seven branches in Metro Manila by the end of the year. In 1979, the first franchised outlet of Jollibee opened in Santa Cruz, Manila.

Jollibee saw rapid growth. By focusing on the specific tastes of the Filipino market, which differed from the American fast-food market, it was able to withstand the entry of McDonald’s in the Philippines. The first overseas location of Jollibee opened in Taiwan in 1986  is now closed. Jollibee has continued with its expansion and has established locations in both local and overseas markets. A son of poor Chinese immigrants-’Mr. Tan Caktiong’ is now a billionaire. 

As a fast-food restaurant, Jollibee offers both casual Filipino fare and American influenced items. 

The restaurant’s best sellers include:

  • The first hamburger was introduced during their early days of operation-YumBurger. 
  • A fried chicken meal introduced in the 1980s-ChickenJoy 
  • Their sweet inspired interpretation of spaghetti-jolly spaghetti; a meaty and cheesy spaghetti with its blanket of ragu resembles an Italian spaghetti but with pieces of hot dog and ham under the ground.

Key products such as chicken, spaghetti, and burgers are sold overseas outside the Philippines but it also sports localized products in international locations like nasi lemak in Brunei and chili chicken in Vietnam. Coca-Cola beverages are served in the Philippines whereas Pepsi beverages are served in overseas locations. 

Signature products

Chickenjoy: A breaded crispy chicken meal-the the chicken joy is a key product of Jollibee. The marination of the sandwich is a trade secret. Dennis Flores, the head and President of Jollibee Foods Corporation for EMEAA in 2019 cited it as the bestseller of the fast-food brand in “every market in the world”.The menu contains some different options for ordering chicken joy. Examples include a value meal, buttered corn, and jolly spaghetti. 

 Yumburger: The Yumburger first offered in 1970 is one of the signature products of the chain. Aloha YumBurger, a new edition was introduced in 2017. Depending on the size, the burger can be purchased with different prices and contains a mayonnaise topped beef patty.

In the USA, the yum burger was introduced in 1998 and it also caught the attention of other countries like Qatar, Singapore, Italy, and others. The Aloha yum burger was re-launched in 2017. The yum burger was introduced in Manhattan and London in 2018 and the advertisements were focused on double yum burgers. Edmonton, Canada also saw the introduction of the burger. 

An advertising video on youtube about the yum burger went viral in the Philippines in 2017. Memes were spurred in 2019 by a Yumburger ad about love on Father’s Day. In 2018, merchandise depicting the yum burger was released as a collectible toy set with the jolly kiddie meal.

Michael  Deacon of the Daily Telegraph gave 3 stars to a Jollibee location in London and the yum burger was described as being floppy and slim with strangely sweet mayo.

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