login.wirecard.com – Step By Step Complete Guide for Users 2020

login.wirecard.com – The future of retail is surely digital and it is here to stay. Wirecard allows you to accept and make digital payments. It is the world’s smartest financial commercial platform.



Additionally, it allows you to collect data online, at POS, and via mobile payments globally so that people can do business without worrying about payments from customers. It is cashless, seamless and borderless. With Wirecard your customers can pay with physical or virtual cards.

How does Wirecard Help Businesses

  • You can get insights on your customer purchasing behavior.
  • Increase your business performance with unique data and analysis
  • It leverages data and technology simplifying business letting you make right business decisions.

The Background & History

2005: Opened new office in Grasbrunn (Munich)

2006: Consolidation of Wirecard Bank AG & Rebranding corporate identity TecDAX listing.

2007: Established in Asia Pacific

2009: M&A transaction announced: E-Credit Plus Pte. Ltd., Singapore

2011: Move to the new headquarters Aschheim/Dornach (Munich) and expanded to Asia & Europe

2012: Further M&A transaction in Asia (Indonesia), and launched mobile payment (M-PoS Solutions)

2013: Ongoing strategic expansion in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam)

2014: Expanded in Turkey, Australia, South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand

2015: Launched mobile payment solution “boon.”, and entered India

2016: Acquired Citi Prepaid Card Services and entered into the North American market

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2017: Purchased Citigroup’s card in 11 countries and acquired MyGate in South Africa

2018: Joined the blue chip market index Deutscher Aktienindex (DAX)

Approximately 2,79,000 companies including startups, large, medium-sized, and small now rely on Wirecard’s technologies and services. These companies come from sectors like e-commerce, banking, travel and mobility, retail, and telecommunications.

What makes Wirecard stand apart

  • Offers centralized payment solution
  • It flexibly adapts global solutions
  • Flexible to integrate
  • Easy & fast to use
  • Supports companies of all sizes
  • Offers retail, analytics, and risk management solutions
  • Provides intelligent value-added services
  • Offers modular end-to-end solutions, and all required licenses.
  • Easy to configure white-label products

Global Presence

Wirecard is a German company operating in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, and North America. It operates financial institutions in various industries and offers licenses for all card networks. Today, Wirecard has approximately 5,300 employees in 26 countries with sales, service, and technology professionals.

Accepting & Making Payments

If your customer can pay you easily, both of you go happy about the deal. Also, such happy customers tend to come back. Wirecard helps you give personalized shopping experience to your customers across all channels. Customers throughout the world have appreciated Wirecard service for its secure payment processing and an easy checkout experience. Here’s what more you can do with Wirecard –

  • It gives customers a convenient way to book trips, shop online, and do more.
  • It is quick, secure, and inexpensive without any risk in exchanging payments.

Benefits of Wirecard

  • Supports debit and credit cards
  • Supports all frequently used currencies
  • Links to a large number of financial institutions
  • It is 3D Secure
  • Helps in processing of hotel, airline and car rental payments
  • Backed by straight forward system integration via XML online
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