– Win $25 Papa John’s Gift Card – Take Papa John’s Survey and Win Free Pizzas: Did you just visit Papa John’s? Have you been talking about their Pizza’s? Go tell them how good it was. Anyone who has eaten a pizza at Papa John’s is invited to give his/her valuable suggestions and opinions by taking part in the customer satisfaction survey.

Whether you praise or criticize, both ways your words shall be taken seriously. Also, customer service may improve on your next visit. So help Papa John’s to improve by acting now.

Who is eligible for Papa John’s Survey

  • You are eligible if you are 18 years of age or above.
  •   Only a legal resident of the United States an participate
  •     You must know either English or Spanish

Things to remember when taking Papa John’s Survey

  • You must have the recent order receipt to participate in the survey
  • You cannot share your receipt with another person for him to take the survey. Since you have personally experienced the food and service of Papa John’s, it is recommended that only you must take the survey.
  • Ensure you are ready with a device having an internet connection
  • Pen down point of feedback and suggestions you want to give in the survey

How to take Papa John’s Survey

Step 1: Enter the survey link –

Step 2: The page will ask you to enter the date and time of the visit. You can find this information on the order receipt of your last visit.

Step 3: Enter the order number

Step 4: Enter the other personal details asked. Ensure this information is correct as the Papa John’s team might want to connect with you for your reward. 

Step 5: Answer all the survey questions

Step 6: Submit the survey

Rewards from Papa John’s Survey

After you’ve finished the survey, you will be sent details of what you’ve won and how you can redeem it. You will receive a redemption code or a coupon code which you can carry in your next visit to Papa John’s store. 

How to redeem 

Step 1: You will be prompted with a gift voucher code on the screen (right after taking the survey), or you will receive details on your email/phone text. Carefully find this information. 

Step 2: Note the details and visit the store to redeem your reward

In case you’ve not received any details, it is possible that all survey participants may not be rewarded with free giveaways. 

Official Website:

Frequently Asked Questions about Papa John’s Survey

Question: When can I take the survey?

Answer: It is advised that you take the survey as soon as you return from the store. It’s the best time as the experience is fresh in your mind. 

Question: Can anyone who visited along with me participate in the survey?

Answer: Yes, anyone who visited the store/restaurant can participate in Papa John’s survey. 

Question: Can I exchange my Papa John’s reward with cash?

Answer: No, exchange of rewards with cash is not allowed

About Papa John’s

Papa John’s has over 4,200 restaurants. It is present in 35 countries and across all the 50 states of the USA. It is one of the most famous pizza chains in the United States. For over 25 years, Papa John’s has kept the foundation which has enabled it to serve quality pizzas. Fresh and original dough, all-natural sauce, and fresh sliced vegetables are the major ingredients of its pizzas. 

One of America’s top restaurants and the fourth largest pizza delivery chain, that is Papa John’s is now inviting its customers to rate its services and overall satisfaction. On October 2, 1984, Papa John Schnatter started the restaurant which is today in the fourth decade of its success and employs over 20,700 employees. The company’s zest to become the best and provide a very high quality of service to its customers is reflected in the tagline-” Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.”

Out of the 4,200 restaurants currently operated by the pizza chain,3,200 that are a majority are situated in the USA alone. The rest of the 1,000 restaurants are scattered across several countries. Apart from pizzas that form the bulk of the menu, other items include salads, sliced veggies, etc. The quality of pizzas from Papa John’s is consistently high for the past 30 years due to the quality ingredients used. Excellent service to customers, fresh products, natural sauces, and the original dough is a surety with Papa John’s.

For the fifth year in a row; on February 26, 2004, Papa John’s was rated as the top pizza service in the USA by the University of Michigan’s National Quality Research Centre’s customer satisfaction survey. The score of Papa John’s as per this survey was 76/100, which was comparatively higher than other franchises such as PIzza hut and Yum! Brands that scored a 75. 

Papa John’s Fun Facts

  1. University of Louisville’s football stadium was named Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium as John Schnatter donated $ 5 million or rightly said, paid to buy the rights. However, the name was taken off when he resigned in 2018.
  2. John Schnatter paid $ 250,000 to buy back his Camaro.
  3. Singer Iggy Azalea once said that she enjoyed Papa John’s Pizzas until a pizza delivery guy passed on her personal phone number to family members who later troubled her with calls & texts.

How to Contact Papa John’s 

Papa John’s excels when it comes to customer service. Being a major player in the restaurant industry, it highly values suggestions for improvement from the customers.

Various methods of offering feedback are given by the company to its customers. The customer service department available on is usually taken in for suggestions and feedback. However, other methods also exist. You can visit the store and ask them to connect you with someone who is taking feedback. 


We hope you were able to find complete information about Papa John’s survey in this post. If by any chance we have missed providing details you were looking for, feel free to let us know. 

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