– Patient Notebook Account Login Process – The medical world has been doing wonders in making people’s life easy. Be it is a discovery of the new vaccine, the introduction of many necessary shots, or invention of devices.

Patient Notebook is one such genius application developed for healthcare providers and patients. From storing electronic copy bills to viewing from anywhere, the Patient notebook makes bills and reports management easy.

Further, it allows you to pay your medical bills online. It is a quick and secure online application. One can access the Patient Notebook via phone, tablet, and computer system.

How is Patient Notebook Beneficial for Healthcare Providers?

  • Healthcare providers can stay connected with their patients even after they have left the clinic.
  • It provides a safe interface allowing healthcare providers to maintain patient records, send reports, and collect payments.
  • Healthcare providers can also send prescriptions and health plans which can be viewed by the patients from anywhere.
  • Doctors no longer have to write paper bills as an electronic copy of the bill can be sent to the patients via Patient Notebook.
  • Healthcare providers need not buy stamps, letterhead, paper books as everything can be managed online via Patient Notebook.
  • Further, you can avoid back and forth phone calls with patients
  • Doctor’s can save time in printing bills
  • Doctors can view the patient’s history without visiting the patient or before visiting the patients.

How is Patient Notebook Helpful for Patients?

  • Patients can directly contact their doctor, view reports, and make payments easily.
  • Patients can communicate with their healthcare providers by exchanging messages.
  • Since privacy law restricts doctors to discuss medical matters on emails, the Patient notebook allows discussing it in complete privacy.
  • It allows patients to upload insurance

Here are 3 simple steps patients can get access to Patient Notebook.

Step 1: Request Healthcare Provider to Send Invite

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Your healthcare provider must own the Patient Notebook to give you access. Your doctor can also send an invitation to your email. You must receive an invitation code via email that allows you to make an online connection between both of you. Additionally, you can enter details yourself from your medical bill provided your healthcare personnel has the Patient Notebook.  

Step 2: Register Online

Creating an account is simple. It must not take more than 10 minutes. Once you are done, you will have access to the communication tool.

Step 3: Stay Connected with your Doctor

Online access to the Patient Notebook allows you to communicate with your doctor, view prescriptions online, track your test results, maintain records of medical history, and pay medical bills online.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1.     How much do I have to pay to use the Patient Notebook?

As a patient, the Patient Notebook is provided to you at no cost.

  1.     How can I receive the Invitation Code?

You can simply connect with your doctor or healthcare provider and request an invitation to Patient Notebook.

  1.     Why is the Invitation Code Needed?

For a safe and secure communication, the Patient Notebook requires that your healthcare provider confirm your identity before sharing medical information via Patient Notebook.

  1.     Why isn’t my Healthcare Provider on Patient Notebook?

To maintain security, only healthcare providers who request access to Patient Notebook are available on the website. You can talk about the Patient Notebook to your doctor and encourage them to use this secure and worry-free application.

  1.     My healthcare provider has given a paper statement that has the doctor’s Patient Notebook web address. How can I connect with him?
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We assume you have received this statement after you visited the doctor. The statement may have a web address like You must open this link on your computer. Now, enter the Statement ID and Account Number to view your medical bill, and pay it.

  1.     I’m a healthcare provider and I want to use Patient Notebook

You can visit the Patient Notebook official website and read through the details.

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