– TKK Fried Chicken Survey & Feedback Official [2020] – Tell TKK their fried chicken is good! How do you like TKK’s fried chicken, curly fries and sandwiches? If you’ve been an all time fan of TKK fried chicken, tell them you are. Does their crunchy tender excite you? Or the KWA KWA Bao pulls you back to their outlet often. Tell TKK that you love what they are doing. From time to time, TKK comes up with surveys and feedback programs to know how they are doing. Customers can participate in surveys and give suggestions. In this post we will walk you through ongoing promotions of TKK and what they have been upto all these years. - TKK Fried Chicken Survey & Feedback Official [2020] – TKK Fried Chicken Survey & Feedback Official [2020]

TKK Promotions and Offerings

At present you may find 2 promotionals offers at their restaurant. 

TKK Happy Hour

The happy hour runs from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday and 3:00 pm onwards on Saturday and Sunday

Catering Offers

Under your first catering order, you can avail $ 25 off. 

Note: Promotions may change from time to time. Visit the link to know the current promotional offers.

How to participate in TKK fried chicken survey

Step 1: Check with the outlet whether there are any ongoing surveys or feedback programs. You can do this at the time of placing your order at the counter. You can also check for TKK surveys online. 

It is possible that the restaurant does not run survey programs all through the year. Hence, finding details before you sit down to take the survey is suggested. 

Step 2: If the survey is on, ensure you participate only through the official link. You will be sharing your contact details and other personal details which you may not like to land to any fishy group.

Step 3: Give your honest feedback while answering the questions. Most of the questions will be on food, ambience, service of the staff. 

Step 4: You will also be asked to give ratings. 

Step 5: At the end of the survey, you will be asked to provide your contact details. Ensure you provide correct details as the restaurant may like to contact you based on your feedback. 

Step 6: Submit the survey. Once this is done, you will be provided with rewards like coupon code for free meals or discount on your next visit. Note that this may not be for every customer or every survey you take. 

Why should you give feedback to TKK fried Chicken

  • Restaurants depend largely upon repeat customers. And a customer revisits only when he likes the restaurant. Hence, feedback is important. 
  • When you give feedback, you are bringing some point in notice to the management which otherwise may go unnoticed by the staff of the restaurants
  • You as a customer is the right person to tell the restaurant how they are doing. A first hand feedback from the customer is a genuine review. 

Criteria to Participate in Survey

  • You must be a legal resident of the USA and must be 18 years or above at the time of taking the online survey. However, even if you are minor you can still share feedback and suggestions with the restaurant. TKK is open for feedback irrespective of our age. But this can be done only via sending them a postcard or informing the restaurant supervisor. 
  • You must not ask anyone else to give feedback on your behalf. You are the best person to narrate your experience. Further, you must give feedback the same day as the instance is fresh and you will be able to provide details accurately. 
  • You must have either visited the restaurant personally or called for home delivery. 
  • The restaurant restricts participation in survey programs from employees, staff members, affiliates, stockholders and advertisement team. 

What does TKK wants to know from the Customers

  • TKK fried chicken is popular for what it serves. They may want to know about the taste, temperature of the food served and quality. 
  • TKK is also known for serving quickly. They would want to know your experience with the service of the staff. 
  • You can also suggest anything else you feel will be good for the restaurant. 

Frequently Asked Questions about TKK Fried Chicken Survey Programs

Question: What is the official survey link for TKK fried chicken

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Answer: Survey programs keep changing. So, when you place your order at the outlet, ensure you take the order receipt. The order receipt will guide through the survey page if there is any ongoing survey. You can also check the official website of TKK.

Question: What are the other mediums to share feedback with TKK fried chicken?

Answer: While online medium is the best way to share feedback, you can also share your views by sending an email to [email protected] or call on 1-855-KFT-9888

About TKK Fried Chicken

TTK fried chicken is a fried chicken restaurant chain from the land of Taiwan. Apart from Taiwan,it also has locations in China and the United States.The first restaurant from TTK was opened in Taipei City in the district of Ximending on July 20 1974. TTK also operates a gastropub and is one of the rare fried chicken restaurants in the world to do so. TTK the Bar was its first gastropub opened on November 2 2013 in the Eastern district of Taipei. Apart from the original menu, it also serves other products. 

TKK Locations Globally

TKK today has 67 outlets in Taiwan, 6 in China and 10 in the US. 

Contact Details of TKK Fried Chicken


Official Address: 115 East 23rd Street

New York, NY 10010, USA


Feedbacks are important for both the restaurant and the customer. While you as a customer give your first hand suggestion, restaurants on the other hand take it as a factor to make improvements. This becomes a win-win for both. When your feedback is considered and implemented further for good, you get to experience better service from the restaurant on your next visit. We hope we were able to give all details related to TKK promotions and surveys. Tell us about your survey experience with TKK fried chicken. If we have missed any information. Let us know in the comment box below. 

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