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www.1112.com – Do you go crazy about The Pizza Company’s pizzas? We too love their unique range of offerings. If you love what they do, tell them about it. The Pizza Company conducts occasional survey and feedback programs to know how they are doing. Customers can participate and win rewards for sharing suggestions. 

What if we tell you that you can win free pizza just by participating in the survey? Yeah! A true thing. Follow the instructions carefully and grab the opportunity to win. In this post we have provided details to participate in The Pizza Company Survey. At the end we have also answered a few questions survey participants ask. Let’s begin!



How does Survey Help The Pizza Company?

When surveys are conducted, the sole purpose is to collect customers’ feedback and use it to improve the service of their company and make important decisions. When you visit the outlet and experience their service, you become the best person to tell how you like the food, service of the staff, ambiance etc. 

How to participate in The Pizza Company Survey?

Participating in The Pizza Company survey is easy. Check with the store about the ongoing feedback program. Usually the survey information is provided on the order receipt. 

Step 1: Make an order at the store

Step 2: Keep the bill 

Step 3: Check for the survey expiry date and ensure you take the survey before the date expires

Step 4: Visit the survey website. You can find the link on the order receipt.

Step 5: Enter the survey code, time and date of your visit

Step 6: Provide honest answers to questions asked

Step 7: Give your contact details

Step 8: Submit the survey

You will now receive a validation code. Note the code and use it to claim your reward. 

Win Free Pizza!

The Pizza Company gives away free Pizzas for taking the survey. Note that the reward keeps changing according to the survey program. Before you take the survey, ensure you know about the reward. 

Tips to Participate in the Survey

  1. Get an uninterrupted internet connection. Once you are disconnected, you must just not be able to take the survey with the same code.
  2. Keep a track of the expiry date of the order receipt and the reward code.
  3. Give honest answers. Your ratings and answers help the restaurant to make important decisions and improve their service
  4. Take the survey on the same day of your store visit. This is the best time as the instances are fresh and you will be able to answer well.

Survey Restrictions

  • You must not pass on the order receipt to others to take the survey on your behalf
  • You must be 18+ years and a legal resident of the US
  • You are not allowed to exchange reward with any other promotional offer or cash

Frequently Asked Questions – The Pizza Company

Question: Can I take The Pizza Company survey offline?

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Answer: Yes! Depending upon the type of survey rules, you can select to participate either offline or online

Question: I have lost the order receipt. What do I do?

Answer: The order receipt is important. It carries the survey code and other details that you require to enter in the survey. In case you have lost the order receipt, you can request for a duplicate receipt at the store. You will have to provide the date and time of the visit. 

Question: I made a group visit. Can any of us participate in the survey?

Answer: Why not? The person taking the survey should have personally experienced the service and must have the order receipt. 

Question: I did not receive the validation coupon code after the survey. What do I do?

Answer: The validation code is displayed right after you have submitted the survey. In case you didn’t find it, do check your email or the mobile text. 

Question: How much should be the order value to be eligible for the survey?

Answer: There is no such criteria. You may simply order what you like.

Question: Can I give negative reviews?

Answer: You must give honest reviews. Your feedback can be both negative and positive. 

The Pizza Company

The Pizza Company, based in Bangkok, Thailand is a chain of restaurants and international franchises founded in 1980. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Minor International (later merged with Minor Food Group), the chain focuses on pizzas and Italian-American cuisine. Since Pizza Hut’s introduction in Thailand, the company had operated these franchises under an agreement with Tricon Global. In 2001, the agreement was terminated and the company established itself as an independent brand.

The Pizza Company began to franchise and expand internationally in 2004 and today it has franchise locations in  Laos, China, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The Cau Giay street in Hanoi hosts the sole location in Vietnam. 

Presently, the pizza company is the numero uno pizza fast food restaurant chain in the whole of Thailand.

The Pizza Company Menu

The Pizza Company offers a wide range of delicious pizzas like Shrimp Cocktail, BBQ Pork Deluxe, Bacon Super Delight, BBQ Chicken Deluxe, Tom Yum Kung, Tropical Seafood, and a few special pizzas called Seafood Deluxe and Seafood Cocktail.

Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of pizza puffs like Sausage and Crab Sticks, Pineapple Chilli Chicken, Meat Trio, and Hawaiian. The main dishes include Pork Rib with French Fries and Pork Rib with French Fries. Some of the appetizers include Calamari Rings, Bacon & Cheese Twist, Bread Sticks, Cheese Garlic Bread, Fish Fingers etc. The Pizza Company Menu also includes pastas like Stir Fried Pasta with Smoked Salmon, Chicken Lasagna, Pasta Bacon & Mushroom with Truffle Oil, Classic Pasta Carbonara etc.

Our Take

If you think we have not provided any information you were searching, do let us know in the comment box below. If you are someone who has participated in the survey and have information that can be helpful for the other readers, do share it. For more such information on restaurant surveys and rewards keep coming back to this website. 

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