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www.awcares.com – Is there anyone who doesn’t love joint food restaurants? We don’t think so.

All American Food Chains are a treat to our belly. Offering a wide range of options, including burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and sides, these restaurants are something we can’t miss. The ambiance and food quality provided is an ultimate grace and makes us visit again and again.



One such food chain is A&W Restaurants. By providing an extremely large variety of dishes, this chain is breaking all records. Not only delicious fast foods but their menu also offers us some great drinks (including beers) to make our meals even better. But being in the food industry is not worth serving a variety of dishes if there is no customer support; as a result, customer satisfaction is one of the primary aims of A&W Restaurants. 

AWcares is one of the initiatives taken by A&W Restaurants to make its customer feedback more valuable to improve its chain. It is an online questionnaire by which customers can share their experience in any of their branches and help them improve further. By doing this, they can benefit themselves with a discount coupon for their next visit. 

If you had any experience with any of their outlets, you can also provide your valuable feedback with AWcares and help them make their restaurant reach new heights. 

History of A&W Restaurant

It was with the joint effort of two individuals Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright (as a result, the name came out to be A&W), which led to the emergence of one of the finest food chains in American history. Started with a root beer cart in 1919; it wasn’t until 1923 their first restaurant was opened. 

After a ride of 5 years, Roy bought all of Wright’s stakes and decided to go solo. Since then, he started franchising his root beer (the production company is famous), which allowed it to expand its menu. Roy retired himself in 1950.

It was in the 50s and 60s that this food chain showed massive growth. In 1956 they opened their first international store in Canada and had established 2000 stores by 1960. This store count continued to almost 2400 stores at the end of 1972. 

A little downfall emerged in the mid-80s when the company was sold again, and they dropped over 500 stores. To get things back on track, they launched 200 A&W Hot dogs, which became a large part of their menu. 

In the early years, they tested out multiple brand locations that came out to be pretty successful. Expansion to Asian countries like Bangladesh helped them reach new heights, and in 2013 new concepts came out which focussed on sit-in dining and top-notch customer service. 

Why A&W Restaurants?

It is not easy to survive in the fast-food industry, especially if the menu consists of extremely common dishes such as burgers and hot dogs. With over 1100 stores spread across 11 countries, the A&W restaurant is more than 100 years old. It is probably because they continuously work on their customer feedback and try to make their experience one of a kind. 

With AWcares, customers can provide their valuable feedback about their experience in any of the outlets by simply filling out a questionnaire and helping the restaurant improve their food and service. By doing so, you can contribute to their efforts to improve their restaurant’s deals and services in a much more enhanced manner. In return, you can benefit yourself with a free coupon code that can be availed upon your next visit. 

A&W restaurant tries to make your experience beautiful and will always look forward to your valuable feedback. If you want to participate in a survey, follow a step-by-step guide by which you can contribute:

How to take the A&W customer survey?

Step 1: Go to www.Awcares.com for filling out your questionnaire. 

Step 2: Enter the 5 digit code (which is the store number) at the top of your recent A&W Restaurant receipt. 

Step 3: Hit next and start answering all the questions emerging on your screen. 

Step 4: The questionnaire will consist of questions regarding your satisfaction with food, customer service, ambiance, staff, cleanliness, etc. Give your answers concerning your latest experience. 

Step 5: Try answering every question as honestly as possible. 

Step 6: After completing the survey, enter all your credentials such as name, email address, etc. to complete the survey.

Step 7: Click submit your feedback. With this, you have completed a survey at awcare.com 

Step 8: Soon enough, you will receive your free coupon code (on details you have provided), which can be used on your next visit to A&W Restaurant. 

Eligibility Criteria for A&W Restaurant Survey

  • This survey is based in America, and therefore, you must be an American citizen.
  • You must be 18 years or above to qualify for a survey.
  • An individual can participate in a survey only once per day. Multiple surveys won’t be entertained. 
  • Only non-employees of the company can participate in a survey.

Following is the list of certain apparatus that must be owned by a customer before filling out a survey.

  1. A receipt from your latest A&W Restaurant visit to get the 5 digit restaurant code. 
  2. Availability of a good speed internet.
  3. Any device to carry out the survey. 

Once you complete the survey, you may be entitled to free rewards from A & W. Customers have redeemed in the past. 

  • Free Pancakes
  • Free Original Bascon
  • CheeseBurger
  • Free Root Beer
  • Free Fries


This article focuses on the importance of customer surveys and how A&W Restaurant uses such surveys to increase customer satisfaction. You can also provide your valuable feedback and get a free coupon code by following the above-listed procedures. Share this post with your loved ones and continue to participate. For any clarifications, leave a comment below. Enjoy!

You can connect with A&W Restaurant on social media or write a letter to them –





1648 McGrathiana Parkway

Lexington, KY 40511

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