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www.bbiuniversity.com – Four veterans from the hospitality industry found the first restaurant under the Blooming Brands Incorporation in 1988. They aimed at establishing the same idea of quality food and cheap pricing, as found in many Australian restaurants.

This eventually helped in opening 3 more restaurants under the BBI brand, making it one of the biggest restaurant companies with more than 93,000 staff. With this tremendous growth arose the need for BBI connect.

If you are in Florida, you would have surely heard about Outback steakhouse’s famous steaks. This is one of Blooming Brand incorporation, or erstwhile BBI connects ventures.



Bloomin Brands Inc. is mainly based in the US with 4 upscale and casual fine-dining restaurants. It has become quite famous in the United States for its mouth-watering food, lively environment, and budget-friendly pricing restaurants.

Listed below are the Bloomin Brands Incorporation restaurants, which would cater to all your culinary needs: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Outback Steakhouse, Italian Grill Carrabba’s, Bonefish Grill.

Introduction to BBI Connect:

If you work for any of the restaurants as mentioned above, then you would be familiar with BBI connect as it is the online portal meant for all the employees of the Blooming Brands Incorporation.

It can be accessed from anywhere. You can use it for various purposes like getting notifications from employers, accessing or updating work schedules, receiving any kind of information, applying for leaves, etc.

If you have newly joined BBI, go through the instructions outlined below to access the BBI portal and log in.

Osi.ultipro.com – BBI Connect Employee Self Service

Bloomin restaurant has designed the web portal, OSI.the .utlipro, for all its employees belonging to any of its brands. Employees of Carrabba Italian GrillBonefish Grill and Flemings Prime Steakhouse will be able to access details of their payrolls as well as get updates about the company’s benefits offered through this portal.

An employee of BBI would need to sign up at OSI.utlipro with their company id and personal details. It is available 24/7 to its employees, providing them with instructions and the latest updates about policies of BBI. The HR department also uses this portal to enhance the capabilities of BBI employees.

Manual administration is very cumbersome to handle a large company with 1 00,000 employees. OSI.utlipro portal helps the company to manage this swiftly and is beneficial for both employees and the company. New users can also benefit from this portal in case they are facing issues with their login and can reset their passwords if they have forgotten it.

Features -BBI Connect

Direct Deposit Feature: This feature allows you access to all information pertaining to the salary that includes monthly incentives, tax payments, and bonuses.

BBI Benefit; Profit Programs: There are many profit programs offered by BBI to its employees that you can get to know through BBI connect portal. It includes Scholarship programs, Prizes, bonuses, and family benefits, setting up leave, retirement plan, overtime money, Employ support program, and Career path development in BBI.

Work schedule, notifications, media communication: BBI connect lets you know if there is any employer notification. You can also set up your work schedule and update it. BBI connect is also a means of communicating with other employees within BBI.

BBI Connect access and login requirements

The login details of Bloomin’s employees are provided by the HR manager or the HR department. If you are an employee of BBI and still have not gotten your login credentials, you must contact the HR department.

For those of you who have joined newly and have not received your login details, immediately contact your supervisor or the HR manager.

Here we are providing an easy step-by-step guide on how to login to osi.utlipro portal.

Step 1: What you need is a reliable laptop, computer, or a Smartphone with a steady internet connection in order to access BBI connect. The portal can be accessed through any compatible browser.

Step 2: The HR staff provides a login ID and password to the new employees of BBI. 

Step 3: Your username will come from your employee ID and password can be obtained from a 5 digit access code.

Step 4: You will receive a default password which you can change or reset after logging in.

Creating a new BBI Connect Account

Step 1: Visit www.Osi.Ultipro.com 

Step 2: Select the preferred language 

Step 3: Click on ‘Forgot your password.’ 

Step 4: Enter details received from the HR department. 

Step 5: Enter other required details such as employee ID, address, phone number, etc. Step 6: Enter a preferred email address to recover your account in case you forget password

Step 7: Create an 8-15 character password 

Step 8: Click the ‘send’ button.

You are done!

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