www.dvcmember.com – Disney Vacation Club Membership Account Login

www.dvcmember.com – DVC or the Disney Vacation Club is a program that emphasizes vacation timeshare.  It is owned and operated by Disney Vacation Development, Inc., a division of Disney Parks, a subsidiary of Disney Signature Experiences, Experiences and Products, and a segment of The Walt Disney Company. Moreover, it also allows us to buy a real estate interest in a DVC resort.

www.dvcmember.com – Disney Vacation Club Membership Account Login

www.dvcmember.com – Disney Vacation Club Membership Account Login

1991,  20th December 

The first property of Disney Vacation Club was known as the Disney Vacation Club Resort and it opened on the 20th of December, 1991 at Walt Disney World. Then the name of this resort was renamed as Disney’s old key west resort. 

Later on, Disney registered the plan of its timeshare with the Hawaii state. But they didn’t establish a commercial agreement with Hawaii at the time of its creation. And due to this, Disney was allowed to advertise its timeshare company in the state but was not allowed for sales. 

1992, 17th January

DVC was started as Disney Vacation Development, Inc. on the 17th of January, 1992. 

1993, 30th march 

On this date,  Disney Vacation Development Inc announced the plans of making a 440-unit time-share resort. They decided to make it 95 miles south-east of Walt Disney World in Florida by breaking the ground on July 28, 1994. 

1994, 1st October

Currently, this resort is known as Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. It was opened on October 1, 1995, as the Vacation Club Resort at Vero Beach, Florida. Disney decided to make Disney’s Hilton Head Island resort after five months that is on the 1st of March, 1996. This resort would open in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

2007, 3rd October

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On 3rd of October, 2007, Disney announced that it would open its latest Disney Vacation Club resort and that too on 21 acres it had purchased in Ko Olina Resort, Honolulu/Oahu. They announced that the building slated to begin in 2008 with completion in 2011. 

The resort includes both facilities that provide DVC units and standard hotel rooms for guests of the resort. Furthermore, they also announced that they would complete the remaining paperwork so that the units can be sold in Hawaii. According to updates, the top executives were fired for selling timeshare units of 460 Ko Olina and for this they were deemed unprofitable prices. On August 28, 2011

 Hawaii resort opened as Aulani.

2008, 17th September 

The first phase of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas was opened in 2007 at the price of $17,000 for membership. By September 17, 2008, Disney Vacation Development had two new timeshare properties going to be built, that is Bay Lake Tower and Treehouse Villas in Orlando at the existing Disney park hotel. Both were going to open in 2009. The timeshare of Bay lake was expected to open at $18,000.

In the earlies of 2011

According to reports in early 2011, Disney purchased land near National Harbor, Maryland, and a suburb of Washington, D.C.  These all lands were purchased for potentially building a resort similar to the three Disney Vacation Club resorts. This time the location of the resort was not at Walt Disney World. 

In late November 2011, Disney announced that it had canceled the plan to built the 500 rooms resort hotel at National Harbor.

By 2011, the company announced the firm rule that it would not allow secondary market DVC points, purchasers, to use their points on Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, or the Concierge Collection luxury hotel group.  

However, in April 2016, the Disney vacation development ended the extension of membership extra benefits and this allowed the secondary market purchaser of DVC points. 

According to the American Resort Development Association, Disney was among the last major timeshare companies that decided to eliminate these benefits. Meanwhile, in 2019, DVC further announced plans to put restrictions on purchases of resale. 

On resale buys made after January 18, 2019, DVC resale contracts bought for the first 14 retreats at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and 3 independent areas may have the option to utilize their points at those 14 existing hotels and not at the up and coming Riviera and Reflections resorts. Also, resale purchasers at Riviera may be permitted to utilize their focuses at the Riviera resort.

In Mid of 2015 

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From the starting of mid-2015,  DVC began using the progress of no judicial foreclosure forcing auction bidders to be present rather than allowing bid submissions online with the Orange County Clerk of Court’s office.

In May 2016

DVC approved Vacatia for DVC resale, in May 2016. This approval would be in addition to such sales via Fidelity Resales. In May 2016, DVC announced that its new property at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge would be known as Copper Creek Villas & Cabins.

The value of resale suddenly increased at its top and it exists for the Disney timeshare membership.

In 2015, the research company Sharkey time-share market came up with a resale value list that includes a score based on resale volume and prices.

And that saw memberships in Disney Vacation Club locations crowded out the competitors. Some of the company’s timeshares near the top of the list included Saratoga Springs, Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary, and Animal Kingdom Villa. 

Becoming a DVC member!

To be a member of DVC, you must purchase a one-time real estate interest in one of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts, and after that, you have to pay annual dues. All memberships are sold as either term for years or a ground lease. It includes the right of first refusal clause and uses a non-judicial foreclosure process. To become a member, you need to buy a one-time land enthusiasm for one of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts.

Disney Vacation Club – Joining Cost

If you buy the membership directly from Disney, the cost would range between $160 – $188 per point. This will depend on the resort you’re interested in purchasing the membership for.

Park Tickets

Does the membership include Park Tickets? No, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership does not include park admission. Members will have to purchase a park ticket separately. Tickets are available at Disney Store. Note that there is no discount on park tickets even for DVC members there. It is recommended that you purchase them when you are looking to stay.

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