www.employeeexpress.gov – Step By Step Guide for Users 2020

www.employeeexpress.gov – Federal employees can now electronically process their discretionary personnel-payroll transactions with the automated and innovative Employee Express system.

It follows the mandates of Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998 (29 U.S.C. 794), Section 508 along with standards of accessibility set by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board.



Use of Employee Express

Time saver – With Employee Express you don’t need to complete and submit forms as the process is replaced by user-friendly technology.

Ease of Use – Employee Express is accessible 24 hours (except when Eastern Time update is being processed) all through the week for all kinds of transactions like processing changes or reviewing current information.

Reliable – Paper forms did not offer such superior procedural checks for accuracy which is now covered by the Employee Express.

How to Access Employee Express

You can access Employee Express via the internet. You would need to get in touch with the payroll-personnel office which serves your agency, in order to understand how to access the Employee Express web site.

When is Employee Express Available?

Employee Express is accessible 24 hours (except when Eastern Time update is being processed) all through the week.

Required Information

You would need to have your Login details like ID and password to access Employee Express. Make sure you are using the correct password for Employee Express and not the TSP password. You could also login using the label “Log in with your PIV Smartcard” if your agency has done the PIV Card application through Employee Express. You might need additional information, based on the kind of transaction you want to do. You could seek assistance from either the personnel-payroll office serving you or Employee Express.

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Is the System Safe?

Employee Express transactions are as secure as an ATM since a unique Login ID and password or the PIV Smartcard is used to access it.

Is Assistance Available?

You always have help information online while using Employee Express. You could click on the icon with a question mark available on any screen inside Employee Express and get Page help. There is also a link “Submit Help Request” using which you can create a helpdesk ticket for any kind of help, suggestion, question, or even a general comment.

How does Employee Express Help Desk Work

It explains to you the available options and how to make changes using Employee Express. The options are Health Benefits, Taxes, Direct Deposit, Thrift Savings, Financial Allotments, Address Changes, and Password changes.

You get to know the contacts for your servicing payroll or personnel office.

It assists employees of all agencies in their Login ID and Password requests. There is also an on-line provision for requesting Login ID and a

Temporary Password

For any other payroll or personnel information, please contact the payroll- personnel office that serves you.

If you need a new password then visit EEX Website, www.employeeexpress.gov and click on “Forgot Password”. This will send a security code to you. Using the link and the security code (it could be in your email or in a letter through the post) you can create a new password and set it up with security questions.

In case you need additional assistance then click on “Submit Help Request” for submitting a helpdesk ticket. This link is also available on the Employee Express Welcome page. You need to click on the help icon (question mark) which is present in the top right-hand corner and then select “Submit Help Request”

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There is a field to provide a description of the problem where you must provide complete details of your problem (example: account locked, please send security code or link to reset the password. Never write down your SSN number here.)

What transactions can be performed?

A number of different kinds of discretionary payroll and personnel transactions can be performed. This includes the Thrift Savings Plan, changes to Financial Allotments, Federal and State Taxes, Direct Deposit, Health Benefits, and Home Address. If you need a current list of transactions pertaining to your agency then you may contact the personnel-payroll office that serves you or Employee Express.

When the actions are made effective?

Once you confirm and complete a transaction, Employee Express will provide you with the effective date of the transaction along with the latest date by which you can expect it to appear in your Earnings and Leave Statement.

How Can I check for successful transaction

You can get in touch with your personnel-payroll office. Once the transaction is complete you can see the earnings and leave statement.

Will the system provide a paper confirmation?

No! Employee Express follows a paperless confirmation using the technology. Once the transaction is complete, you can request for a confirmation by email. This will confirm that the transaction has been made to your agency’s personnel-payroll office.

What if I Change my Mind?

You can either select to go by Employee Express or paper form and follow the method you had used to make changes.

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