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www.fiveguys.com/survey – Do you love to gorge upon burgers, hot dogs, and French fries? Then we are sure that you must have tasted the delectable burgers at Five Guys.

If you visit Five Guys regularly, then try participating in their customer surveys. The purpose of this survey is to acknowledge and understand your experience so that they can enhance their productivity and the quality of their services. So, what’s in for you here? On participating in the surveys, you will be able to win Five Guys’ gift cards.



Organizing Five Guys Survey, the intent is to know how did you like the food. Was the staff nice to you? Would you like to visit again? And so on…

How to get an entry into the sweepstakes?

  •    Online: You need to visit the site www. FiveGuys.com/survey. Make sure you do this within 30 days of the receipt date. Now you have to complete the survey by answering all the survey questions. After you complete the entire survey, you need to provide your details like phone number, name, and email address. That will ensure your entry to the monthly draw for sweepstakes.
  •     AMOE (Alternate Means of Entry): If you want an entry to the sweepstakes without having to make any purchase or submitting the online survey, then this can be your ideal choice. You have to write down your name, phone number, your complete address (city, state, zip code). Also, you need to provide your birth date. Each of the information has to be written on a 3″x 5″ card. Simply mail this card at the below-given address:

Five Guys,

Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, 

625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, 

NY 14625-2437.

Five Guys Guest Satisfaction Survey

This feedback survey is completely sponsored by Five Guys. The honest opinion and feedback of loyal customers matters to Five Guys.

As a customer visits the official website of Five Guys to participate in the survey, they need to rate and review their experience. You will have to write about your experience during your last visit to any outlet of Five Guys.

There will be a complete questionnaire. The information they acquire from your survey helps them to make improvements in multiple areas like the ambiance of the restaurant, products, customer service, and so on. The best part is that you can complete the survey online. So, it will be absolutely hassle-free for you.

Five Guys have not made online surveys mandatory. But you can enjoy some benefits if you take part in the survey. The first important thing that is beneficial for you is that you will be able to leave your honest feedback. In case you have not liked any specific thing about their service or product, you are free to express your concern. Also, if you are lucky enough, you can win a gift card worth $25.00.

Purpose of Five Guys Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are multiple outlets of Five Guys across the United States. You can visit any of the outlets and treat yourself with some delectable burgers, French fries, and hot dogs. The fast-food chain always hopes and strives to offer their best services to the customers. But at the same time, Five Guys understand the fact that there is always room for errors. Hence, the company wants to make enough arrangements in case you do not like its services.

Five Guys hosts the survey online so that all its customers can have a platform to convey their messages to the management of the fast-food outlet. They are actively promoting this two-way communication system. Both the company and the customers can reap the benefits of this survey.

Five Guys is always ready to reward you for spending your precious time on the survey. That’s why it gives you a chance to win a gift card worth $25.

How to take the Five Guys survey

Enter the survey with a purchase

Step 1: Buy something from the store. It could be from any of the locations.

Step 2: Take the receipt of your order. This must contain store number and survey code. 

Step 3: Visit www.fiveguys.com/survey

Step 4: Fill the survey giving an honest reply

Once you finish, you will enter into a chance to win $ 25 gift card from Five Guys.

Enter the survey without a purchase

The best part about the Five Guys survey is that you need not buy anything or you do not need a receipt. You can still stand a chance to win their rewards. If you want to suggest Five Guys, you can write to them and post it to Five Guys. 

Eligibility & Restrictions for Five Guys Survey

  • You must be 18 years or above
  • You must not be a family member, sponsors, staff or employee of Five Guys company
  • You must be comfortable with English
  • You can participate in the survey only once

About Five Guys Feedback

A highly popular fast-food chain in the United States, Five Guys offer juicy, crispy and yummy burgers, French Fries, sandwiches, and Hotdogs. Serving delicacies since 1986, Five Guys has its headquarter at Virginia. It is extremely famous because of its made-to-order crispy fries and burgers. There is no issue of accessibility as the fast-food company has more than 1000 outlets.

Not just the foodies, but even the health department is in awe with the performance and services of the company. Five Guys has stringent policies regarding serving, cooking, and storage areas. Also, they always use high-quality ingredients and never compromise upon quality. One of its most popular dishes is Cajun Fries. The fast-food chain has been highly consistent with its recipe and has been offering the exact same taste for many years now. Also, another thing that the foodies can not stop gushing over is the wide array of toppings that Five Guys offer. You can choose toppings of different varieties and decide the quantity as per your taste and preference. The staff, too, is helpful, customer-friendly, and pleasant minded. 

So, next time you relish your favourite burger, do not forget to participate in the survey. You never know when lady luck smiles upon you, and you grab that gift card worth $25.

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