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www.ilsdu.com – If you do not have any idea about ILSDU, then let us help you. It is basically the center for payment processing for Illinois child support payments. Its job is to process the child support cheques that it receives from non-custodial parents and employers. It also helps in disbursing the funds by using cheques, debit card, or direct deposit.



How do I change my address?

If you want to change your address in Cook County, then you need to get your Change of Address Form notarized. The download form is available on the “Forms” page. You can also call the customer service number is 877-225-7077. You need to fill it up and then fax or mail it. For faxing, use the number 630-221-2312. Also, it is possible to mail the form to Illinois State Disbursement Unit, PO Box 5921, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5921.

If you live in any county other than Cook County, you need to follow the same procedure.

What is a personal identification number or PIN?

PIN or personal identification number is provided to non-custodial or custodial parents. It is possible to access your disbursement or payment by utilizing the Social Security Number as well as your PIN. When you visit the site www.ilsdu.com, you will get to use the Automated Voice Response system. In case you have no idea about your PIN, then you can take the help of Customer Care. All you need to do is to dial 877-225-7077. The representative will provide you details about your PIN.

How do I change my PIN?

It is possible to change your PIN quite easily. Just give a call at Customer Care. The number that you need to dial is 877-225-7077. While calling, you need to carry your current PIN available and your Social Security Number. Visit the web site and then use the Automated Voice Response System. There you are required to enter your current PIN and Social Security Number. Soon it will get verified. Now you are free to use your PIN to access disbursement and payment information.

I have lost or forgotten my PIN. How do I get my PIN reissued?

If you presently do not know your PIN or have lost it, you can easily obtain it by requesting the PIN. For this purpose, you need to call Customer Care Support.

How long will it take to get my disbursement?

As soon as the Illinois State Disbursement receives your payment, you will get the debit card, cheque, or direct card deposit within 48 hours.

How do I find out if my support payment has been made?

Suppose you want to find out if your support payment has been made, simply login to the website. Use the Login link to enter the website. Then go to the Payments History feature or give a call to the Customer Service. To gain the required information, you need to have your Social Security Number and the PIN number.

Can I request for cheques directly deposited into my bank account?

Just go to the “Forms” page or call the Customer Care Service to obtain the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Form. The establishment of direct deposit accounts will take place in two to four weeks. The distribution of cheques continues until the establishment of a direct deposit account.

How do I cancel receiving a Direct Deposit in my case?

Simply dial the number 877-225-7077 for contacting the Customer Care Service. You can also download the Direct Deposit Cancellation Form from the “Forms” page. Simply fill it up and then fax it (630-221-2312) or mail it. The mailing address has been provided at the beginning of the content.

How do I report an incorrect disbursement?

If you are not satisfied with the disbursement, then you need to call the Customer Service Centre. There you can report about your incorrect disbursement.

How do I obtain a payment ledger?

You are required to obtain copies of disbursements made via the Illinois State Disbursement Unit. Go to the Automated Voice Response system. There you can request for up to the last five disbursements made. The duration of these disbursements should be within the last twelve months. You can request these details to be mailed or faxed to you. Alternatively, you have the option to call the Customer Care Service and request them to mail or fax you the last five disbursement details.

How do I report a forgery of an endorsement?

If you feel like that a forgery has taken place in case of your endorsement, then you can report against it. All you need to do is to call the customer care number and report your complaint there.

How do I report a missing, lost, or stolen cheque?

In order to report a lost, missing, or stolen cheque, you will have to send an affidavit. Alternatively, you can send the lost, missing, or stolen cheques form to the Unit of Illinois State Disbursement. For downloading the form, go to the “Forms” page.

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