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www.McDvoice.com – Who does not love McDonald’s burgers and fries? If you are one of us who love what McDonald’s has been doing for years, find a few minutes to let them know how you feel. To fetch your feedback, McDonald’s runs an online survey popularly known as McDVoice. The survey’s objective is to gather useful customer feedback as regards their general view on McDonald’s; opinion regarding the menu and food served; about staff  service, behaviour and efficiency; and about the satisfaction levels of customers with the environment and cleanliness at McDonald’s. 

Being a giant restaurant chain, such information is very relevant to the management as it helps to resolve any issues, improve food and service quality, and to satisfy as many customers as possible. 



McDonald’s values the time you spend in filling out the McDVoice survey and rewards you with a free hamburger, a special meal, muffin, or another product or you may even get a special discount or a free order on your next visit to the restaurant. 

What should one expect from www.McDVoice.com survey?

Usually, the survey consists of 8 to 12 simple questions only which are rating or choice-based and relate to the experience of the customer as regards the company’s service delivery, product quality and overall satisfaction levels. 

McDonald’s survey is about –

  • Whether you want to return to the outlet
  • How do you like the food
  • Environment & cleanliness of the store
  • Staff & the service

What is the purpose of  Taking a Mcdvoice survey?

Today’s business environment is characterized by tough competition and hence customer retention becomes very essential. Acquiring new customers requires huge money spends and most successful organisations opine that retaining old customers is a more cost-effective strategy than spending funds in making new customers. 

Service reliability, product quality and delivery efficiency are the new buzzwords as the companies aim to fully satisfy customers and give them a good experience. 

Also, companies need to know whether they are being able to retain their existing customer base and here regular feedback comes into the picture. This aids the company to avoid and change any business practices which might be reducing customer satisfaction.

For example,  McDonald’s has been actively holding a customer satisfaction survey on www.mcdvoice.com since the last few years and based on the feedback received, it decided to make its flagship dishes-Quarter pounder burgers and signature crafted recipe sandwiches hotter and juicier by using 100 % fresh beef.Apart from McDonald’s, many other companies also undertake similar customer satisfaction surveys. 

Importance of McDonald’s Survey

Customer affinity towards a specific brand is developed due to the quality of its products, services and customer support. However, a bad experience may happen which can be caused by factors within or outside the brand’s control. Here, it becomes important that the customer makes the company hear his or her voice. 

Every time the customer visits, a company always wants him or her to have a happy experience. and as a loyal customer, you may like to bring to the company’s attention any deficiency whose correction might make your experience better. Hence customers can use the customer satisfaction survey to tell the company about things which can be mended and also tell how they feel about the products and services offered by it. 

Keeping this into considerations,  McDonald’s has started a customer satisfaction survey via www.mcdvoice.com. If you visited them recently and want to share your experience, login now. 

How to take the McDonald’s Survey

Participating in Mcdonald’s survey is easy. All you need is a device with the internet to take the survey. Follow the steps to enter the survey.

Step 1: Visit www.McDVoice.com

Step 2: The website will open in English. At the top of the page you will find the option to switch to Spanish. If you wish to continue in English, enter the 26 digit survey code. You will find this code on your purchase receipt. 

Step 3: Click on ‘Start’

Step 4: You will now be asked to enter Store number, Date & Time of visit, Order number and Total amount spent. You will find all these details on the purchase receipt.

Step 5: Click on ‘Start’

Step 6: You will now be asked to answer a few questions related to your experience at Mcdonald’s.

Step 7: Click on ‘Finish’

Step 8: You will now receive a validation code. Note this code and take it to the outlet on your next visit.

Rewards to expect from Mcdonald’s Survey

After you’ve completed the survey, Mcdonald’s gives away free meals, discounts and cashbacks depending upon the ongoing offer. Customers have won –

  • Buy One Get One Free Egg McMuffin
  • Cashbacks on the order
  • Quarter Pounder with cheese
  • Free Quarter Pounder

Note: Mcdonald’s holds all rights to change, modify the offer from time to time. 

Receipt Validity 7 days from the day of purchase
Survey Validity 30 days
Number of survey allowed 5 surveys per month
Validation Code Limit 1 code per visit

 About McDonald’s

McDonalds (formally McDonalds Corporation ) is a USA  based fast-food company founded in the early 1940s by 2 brothers, Richard and Maurice Mcdonald. Ray Kroc joined the brothers in 1955 and started the franchise model which saw the restaurant spread throughout the world. 

As of 2017, the company has restaurants in more than 100 countries across the globe and the number of employees stands at a staggering 2,35,000 including both corporate and company-owned restaurant employees. The company follows different franchising models across the globe. The pillars of the company’s global success are local integration, progressiveness, inclusiveness and responsible leadership. 

Mcdonald’s Customer support

You can call at – +1-800-244-6227


We hope you were able to find all the details you were looking for related to Mcdonald’s survey. Do let us know about your survey experience. Also share what you win. If you think we’ve not provided any important information about the survey, feel free to tell us. We will update it by the time you visit our page next. 

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