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www.mybmgchart.com – For a patient, complete access to his personalized medical records is highly essential. Also, if the access is offered online, then it acts as a cherry on the cake. Often patients cannot travel physically to collect medical reports and records.

So, when MyBMGChart came to the rescue, people embraced it with warmth and enthusiasm. It is a platform using which you can get secure access to your health information over the Internet. MyBMGChart provides the following information:



    1.   Viewing test results
    2.   Requesting prescription renewals
    3.   Viewing your health summary
    4.   Requesting medical appointments
    5.   Communicating electronically with the medical care team

    Is there a fee to use MyBMGChart?

    MyBMGChart is absolutely free of cost service provided to the patients.

    How do I Sign Up?

    If you are interested in signing up with MyBMGChart, then we will issue an activation code when you visit our clinic. With the help of this code, you will be able to log in securely. You will be required to use your username and password. In case you have not got an activation code, you can give a call at your primary care clinic. Or you may ask for the code during your next visit.

    When will the test results be available in MyBMGChart?

    You will get access to your test results within 1 to 12 days. Your physician reviews your report and then releases them on your account.

    Why are certain test results not shared electronically via MyBMGChart?

    Test results that are extremely sensitive in nature are not shared electronically via MyBMGChart.

     What if the info on MyBMGChart is not correct?

    Normally, the information in your MyBMGChart account comes from the doctor’s office. So if there is any inaccurate medical information, you need to inform your doctor on your next visit to the clinic. Your records get updated on each visit.

    When can I expect replies to my queries from Doctor/Nurse?

    Your queries will be answered in 1 to 3 working days. You cannot use MyBMGChart for emergency purposes. If any urgency occurs, you need to call the Medical Centre. You can also dial 911.

    Is my family member’s health record available in MyBMGChart?

    Yes, viewing the health record of your family member on MyBMGChart is possible. This happens using the method called Proxy consent. You can log in to their personal account of MyBMGChart. There you can get access to their personal medical records. But your relative has to fill up a Proxy consent form beforehand and submit it at one of our medical facility centers. Or you can ask him to go to the option “Share My Record.” From there, he can choose “friends and family access.” It is also possible to add some extra options for sharing health record details.

    Can I ask questions about a family member?

    MyBMGChart enables you to get access to your personal health record. Discussing another person’s health record may result in chaos and confusion and may affect your medical care system.

    Can we both, me and my spouse share the same MyBMGChart account?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to do so. Medical information may be highly sensitive at times. Therefore, it is necessary to sign and submit the Release of Information request when you are applying for your own MyBMGChart account.

    I forgot my password. What should I do?

    In case you have forgotten your password, just call the customer support. There you can request a secured and new password. Also, you can click at the “Forgot Password” option. This option is visible on your sign-in page.

    How can I update my personal information?

    You are required to log in to MyBMGChart. Simply go to the left menu. Here you need to go to the preference section. You will get an apt option here.

    How is MyBMGChart secure?

    You need not worry about your health records’ safety and security as we take the utmost care of all your personal details. Only you get access to the username, passwords, activation code, and so on. An account is accessible only by using an appropriate username and password. Also, in order to take the safety level to the top-notch, we have used a 128-bit SSL encryption system. The entire MyBMGChart messaging system is regulated while users are logged in securely.

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