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www.myvanillacard.com – The existing customers of the My Vanilla Prepaid Debit Card can now log into it online. Using the debit card, you will be able to set up online access at the My Vanilla Reloadable Prepaid Card website. You could simply log into your account if you have already enrolled for online access.

After logging in, users can do many activities like pay bills, sign up for updates, enroll for e-statements, view past transaction history, make a transaction, and more.



Below you will find the guide on how to log into your My Vanilla Debit Card to pay your bills or reset the password.

My Vanilla Reloadable Prepaid Card

The Corp Bank issues this prepaid debit card, which can be used to log into the web portal of My Vanilla Card and access a wide range of features that help in easy banking.

The Card’s significant features include making a direct deposit, adding money to your Card, and accessing the mobile wallet.

With your My Vanilla card, your account is safe, and transactions are convenient with the flexibility of spending worldwide. Money management could not be simpler with your MyVanilla card, letting you monitor your expenses, track your spending, and much more.

It is a reloadable card that helps the secure, convenient, and simple way of managing your money. Since it is a debit card, you do not need to go through any credit checks or fill out any paper forms to get this Card. It does not even need a bank account for you to get started with. Any place where a Debit Mastercard or a Visa debit card is accepted, your MyVanilla card would also work.

It has VanillaDirect and Direct Deposit methods to add to your funds easily.

You could stay updated about your transactions and account balances by setting up text alerts on your Card.

You could securely transfer funds between your MyVanilla accounts.

* Standard data and text rates of your internet service provider may apply

With the MyVanilla card, you have your account at your fingertips, and it gives you spending power plus a money management tool in your hands.

It can be used at millions of locations around the world, online as well as in-store.

Where to get a Vanilla card?

You can buy a Vanilla Reload from any of the stores from hundreds of stores present worldwide. The popular ones include Family Dollar, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, CVS/pharmacy, Dollar General, and Walmart. You can look for one more closer to your location.

How to check your balance?

You could easily get to know that by visiting https://balance.vanillagift.com, entering the security code of your Gift card along with the card number and expiration date.

Activating the vanilla card

The activation process can be completed by registering the gift card on the MyVanilla web portal. You could also get assistance from its customer support number 1 (855) 686-9513, in case you face issues with the process. Once your Card is activated, funds can be added to it by means of a direct deposit process.

There is no expiry date or credit checks with Vanilla Gift cards since it is not a credit card. If you purchase the gift card, then there is no need to activate the Card also. Using Vanilla Reload, you could replenish your Card with more funds at various retail stores.

Adding money in a vanilla card

Go to a participating retailer with your funds.

You would need to purchase a Vanilla Reload card with which you get a PIN, which is displayed at the back of the reloadable prepaid Card.

Using this secure pin, you can add funds to your prepaid Card or online account. This can be done either by going to the website VanillaReload.com or calling 1-877-429-8140.

Is reloading my vanilla card online possible?

You can visit VanillaReload.com to reload your vanilla card online.

Using Vanilla gift card online.

All cards are generally linked to bank accounts that must be in an active state to receive transactions. In case the Card is inactive, the payment will be declined. 

Is withdrawing money from a Vanilla card possible?

If you are using an OneVanilla prepaid Visa Debit card, you can withdraw cash from an authorized ATM.

Activating PIN

Your gift card can be activated by making a call to 1-877-855-8719. This is a toll-free number that is available 24 X 7 from within the US.

When you wish to reload, your gift card must be available at hand since you would need its 16-digit card account number as well as its 3-digit security code, which is present at the back of the Card.

Can someone else add money to your vanilla card?

Anyone can deposit money into your account via bank wire since most prepaid cards accept such electronic transfers from banks. It can receive payments from government agencies, employees, and anyone who has access to the Card’s account number and routing number.

Do I have to pay a monthly charge to use the MyVanilla card?

No! You need not pay any monthly charges. However, you will have to pay the Signature and PIN debit purchase transaction fees. Additionally, if you do not use the Card in 90 days, you have to pay a $3.95 monthly fee. 

MyVanilla is issued by which bank?

The Bancorp Bank issues MyVanilla Prepaid MasterCard. Additionally, the Card is serviced and distributed by InComm Financial Services, Inc.

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