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www.nylaarp.com/service – New York Life has come up with a life insurance program exclusively meant for the AARP members. It is known as The AARP Life Insurance Program. This life insurance program offers both permanent as well as term group coverage to the members. There is absolutely no need for physical examination. Generally, health and other related information are necessary. 



Creating a new account:

If you are a life insurance owner, then you have to provide the below-given information:

  • Date of birth
  •  Last 4 digits of your SSN (social security number)
  • Your contract or certificate number
  • Valid email address

How to create a new account:

First of all, you have to go to the ‘Customer Service Website home page.’ There you have to follow a few simple steps. Just click upon “Create an account.” A pop-up blocker may get turned on. You might want to disable it during the ongoing process. This will help you in seeing the pages and directions properly.

Registration process: You will get an email for verification of your account. Make sure that you have closed all the browser window before checking the email.

Payment process:

You need to log in to the page of the Customer Service Website. Then you have to go to the next option, “my Payments” and click upon it. If you are a first-time user, then you have to create an account to log in. You can also pay for your loved ones. Just click upon Make one-time payment, and you are sorted.

Can I pay My New York Life Insurance online?

It is possible to pay for New York Life Insurance online using doxo.

Logging issues:

If you are facing any difficulty logging into your account, you can call New York Life at the number: 18008502658. You will get the assistance of a dedicated representative. Timings are as follows:

  •     8:00 am – 8:00 pm – Monday to Friday
  •     9:00 am – 5:00 pm – Saturday

Change password:

If you want to change your password, then simply click on “Forgot your username or password?”

Report claim:

We do not wish anyone to go through the traumatic phase of losing someone close. But we cannot avoid the truth. We cooperate during this highly confusing and traumatizing experience. Hence, we have made our claims process simple and streamlined. If you want to report a life insurance claim, then you have to download the Claims Packet. Then you have to review the instructions and fill out the form in order to initiate the claiming process. You are required to mail your Claims Packet as well as a death certificate.

Mailing Address:

PO Box: 30713

Tampa, FL 33630-3713

To request Cash Value Letter:

To request a Cash Value Letter, you have to go to the My Coverage tab and then click upon the drop-down menu. It is present under the Coverage Summary. In case you have multiple contracts, ensure you select a specific contract number.

Change Beneficiary:

You will be able to delete, add or manage your beneficiaries online. All you have to do click on the option Manage Beneficiaries. In case you want to alter your beneficiaries using mail, you can download a Beneficiary Change Form. Then print the form. Please fill up the date and signature option and mail it to the address mentioned above.

Beneficiary Class:

While listing your beneficiaries, you need to keep in mind that there are three classes that you can choose from. These classes are meant for informing New York Life how and to whom you want to pay the benefits. There should be three beneficiaries – First, second, and third.

First Beneficiary: This is the person who is going to be the recipient of the death benefit. In order to initiate the process, the beneficiary needs to survive the insured by 15 days. In case the first, second, or third beneficiary does not survive the insured, the benefit will go to the insured’s estate.

Second beneficiary: If there is no first beneficiary to survive the insured by 15 days, the benefit will be paid to the second beneficiary. In such a case, the first beneficiary will be invalid.

Third beneficiary: In case there is no first or second beneficiary, the third beneficiary will receive the death benefit.

Contract status:

  •  Lapse: This means that the contract is no longer active, and the premiums are due.
  • Inforce: This means that the contract is active.
  • Canceled: This signifies that the contract is not active because there has been no payment receipt.
  • Exchanged: This means an exchange process has been done where a term life contract gets changed for a permanent life contract.
  •  Matured contract: This means that a permanent life contract has reached the “termination” age.
  •  Face coverage amount: This is the amount that is paid in full.
  •  30 day cancel: Contract holder cancels that take place within the 30 days are refunded.

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