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www.pretzeltalk.com – Americans have different dishes as compared to other regions. Ranging from doughnuts and pancakes to cheesecakes, we have it all. Some classics are appreciated by the world and are often served in almost every continent. One such snack is a Pretzel. Americans and pretzels go hand in hand, and they are surely one of a kind. From classic old pretzel stands located in all 50 states to excellent restaurants serving varieties of this classic, there is hardly someone who has never tasted a pretzel. All ages love this soft and crusty based pastry in the form of a knot.

When we talk about pretzels, there is one thing that goes on top of our minds. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s ‘Auntie Anne’s pretzels.’ No doubt that there are various restaurants serving pretzels, but one of the leading market capturers is Auntie Anne’s. You must be thinking about what special does this restaurant have to acquire such a big spot in the pretzel industry. Well, we have an answer to that question.



One of Auntie Annie’s pretzels’ biggest strengths is constant improvement and frequent connection with their customers. To establish such a relationship, Auntie Anne has introduced pretzel talk. pretzeltalk.com is a website created by this famous chain where customers can fill out the customer satisfaction survey and provide feedback on different perspectives such as food, ambiance, service, cleanliness, etc. 

Auntie Anne is one of the highest service providers in the industry, thanks to this initiative. Through this, they interact with their customers and develop a personal relationship. It also allows them to find out what their customer’s satisfaction levels in terms of various niches. 

This initiative aims to maximize customer’s utility by constant improvement and up-grading in their services as per the criticism received. It attempts to get legit input and offer prizes to their clients when they complete the Pretzel Talk Survey.

Not only this, but customers are also benefited when contributing to this survey. Whenever customers complete their survey (on www.pretzeltalk.com), they get a free coupon code that allows them to get a free pretzel (or any other reward on their next visit). 

If you are a customer and looking forward to a prize, follow the steps by which you can fill out a customer satisfaction survey and collect your rewards:

    • Visit their site www.pretzeltalk.com to fill a customer satisfaction survey. 
    • The website will ask you for a 4 digit code. Enter the first three with a code located at the bottom of your latest visit receipt and enter 1 in the last box.
      • Click on NEXT to continue.
    • Enter all the details asked, such as the date and time of your visit, and select your order type from the list. 
    • Click NEXT to continue.
    • Based on your last visit, enter all the ratings/points to the questions appearing on your screen.
    • All the questions asked will be based on your latest visit and include questions regarding food, service, ambiance, cleanliness, etc.
    • Make sure you answer all the questions as honestly as possible. 
    • After offering your ratings, leave your inputs, recommendations, grumblings in the text box, and snap-on NEXT.
    • Provide all your credentials such as name, address, and contact info for future use. 
    • Click on SUBMIT to finish your survey.
    • After finishing your survey, wait for some time, and you will receive details regarding your coupon code. You will receive details on the information you have provided above. 
    • Make sure that you use your coupon code upon your next visit to Auntie Anne within 30 days. 

By adhering to the points mentioned above, you can easily fill out a customer satisfaction survey and earn your rewards. Though there are certain rules and criteria’s one has to be eligible for. These are listed below:

  • This survey is based in America, and only American citizens are eligible to fill these surveys.
  • All the customers must be 18 and above.
  • Citizens who are currently employed at this franchise are not allowed to participate in this survey.
  • Multiple surveys by an individual won’t be entertained. One can fill out a survey once per day. 
  • The coupon code which will be provided will be non-debatable and cannot be converted into cash. 

There are also certain requirements that one must procure before filling out a survey. Make sure you keep the following things handy with you:

  • A device to carry out the survey.
  • A good high-speed internet.
  • A receipt from your last visit to any of the Auntie Anne’s locations. Make sure that the receipt must be used within three days of the purchase. 

After completing the survey, you can claim your Auntie Anne’s Coupons for free Pretzel.

Pretzel Perks Reward Program

With carrying out a survey, you can easily earn free rewards. However, there is another way you can earn free pretzels, i.e., to register yourself with the Pretzel Perks app. You can download the Pretzel Perk app on your Apple app store or Google play store. Once you join, you’ll receive a free pretzel reward after making your first purchase of at least $1.00. After that, you’ll be rewarded with a free pretzel for every 250 points you earn ($1 = 10 points). This allows you to receive special offers, and you can earn free pretzels quite easily. 


This post serves the purpose of informing the audience regarding Auntie Anne’s customer satisfaction survey and explains different methods on how you can earn free rewards. Make sure you fill out your survey with the help of the procedure mentioned above to enjoy free pretzels. In case of any doubts, drop your questions below. 

Corporate Address: Auntie Anne’s, Inc., 48-50 W. Chestnut Street Suite 200, Lancaster, PA 17603, United States.

Phone No: (877) 778-9588

Auntie Anne’s Customer Care No: (717) 435-143

Auntie Anne’s Official Website: www.auntieannes.com

Email Id: [email protected]

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