www.QuiznosFeedback.com – Quizno’s Survey to WIN a Validation Code

www.QuiznosFeedback.com – We’re sure that thinking about flatbreads, salads and wraps of Quiznos makes your mouth water. Want to elaborate what you think of the food and service at Quiznos. Help Quiznos to make desired improvements by voicing your opinions so that you get even more delicious food and even better service than before. On completing the survey, you’ll be provided a coupon which can be redeemed on your next visit. 

www.QuiznosFeedback.com - Quizno's Survey to WIN a Validation Code 2020

www.QuiznosFeedback.com – Quizno’s Survey to WIN a Validation Code 2020

If you want to share your thoughts on your latest visit to Quiznos, you can complete the online feedback questionnaire. In the article below, all details which you need to know like salient features of Quiznos survey, about the company and corresponding sweepstakes are mentioned. 

The Quiznos Survey

The Quiznos survey is a way to get customer reviews about the restaurant, food and the service. The customers can share their feedback through an online survey. The answers to the survey are reviewed for improving the service of the restaurant. In return, the restaurant gives away rewards to the customer. 

Rules – Quiznos Survey

  1. You must be a legal citizen of the US and 18+ years
  2. You must be comfortable answering the survey questions in English
  3. You cannot participate in the survey more than once
  4. You cannot exchange reward with any other promotional offer
  5. You cannot request for cash in exchange of discount coupon
  6. Family members, employees and staff members of Quiznos are not allowed to take the survey

How to take the Quiznos Survey

Quiznos surveys can be taken online. You just need to share your experience by answering a few questions. We request you to read through the rules of the survey before participating. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of Quiznos survey – http://www.quiznosfeedback.com/

Step 2: Enter the store number, order number and date of visit

Step 3: Click on ‘Start’

Step 4: Give ratings about the temperature, staff, interior etc.

Step 5: Give honest answers to the questions

Step 6: Provide your contact details correctly. You will be asked to share your name, phone number, and email id

Step 7: Click on ‘Finish’ 

You will be sent the discount coupon code now. You must keep this code saved and carry it on your next visit to the restaurant. This code will help you redeem your reward. 

Quiznos Survey Reward

After completing the survey, you will be rewarded with a discount coupon code. Note: The rewards may change or can be modified by Quiznos from time to time. We request you to check the purchase receipt before you take the survey to know about your reward. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Quiznos Survey 

Question: Is the purchase receipt mandatory to participate in the survey?

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Answer: Yes! A order receipt is mandatory as it carries details that you need to enter while participating in the survey

Question: Can I take the survey in any other language?

Answer: At present the survey is available only in English.

Question: My purchase receipt does not show details of the survey. What can I do?

Answer: If your purchase details does not carry details of the survey, there is a possibility that there are no on-going surveys or reward programs. However, you can still confirm at the order counter at the restaurant. Additionally, you can also call the customer support of Quiznos at – 866-4-TOASTED (866-486-2783). From time to time, Quiznos may go under change or stopping of survey and reward programs. Hence, you must check before you take the survey. 

About Quiznos

Quiznos specializes in offering toasted subs. However if the customer so requests. They may be served untoasted also. After Subway, it is the second largest submarine sandwich shop chain in North America. 

Quiznos was founded in Denver Colorado in 1981.Before filing for bankruptcy in 2014, they had grown to 5,000 locations. However they had slimmed down to 1,000 locations by 2015. The company is in reinvention mode and is expanding again in domestic and international markets. 

The founder of Quiznos; Jimmy Lambatos, had a vision of serving busy people and the restaurant has now completed 30+ years of serving toasted submarine sandwiches. The restaurant gives its customers the option of choosing from fresh ingredients, meats cut and cheeses. It is also famous for its 6 inch and foot long toasted subs. 

Currently, the restaurant is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and oversees almost 5,000 locations including franchisees in the USA as well as in international locations. Quiznos does not have a fixed dining layout and can be found as a standalone sit-in restaurant, as a food counter in a mall’s food court and even as a shop in an outdoor shopping centre. 

The Quiznos survey while giving the customer a chance to share his/her feedback with the company also provides Quiznos an opportunity to thank its customers by offering them a platform to participate in sweepstakes. There are various questions which you’ll answer. You’ll be rating your satisfaction level with different aspects of the restaurant, choose the food items you bought etc. 

What You Will Need

You should have a valid recent receipt containing the required information before you begin to complete the survey form. Also ensure a stable internet connection to avoid any hassles while filling the survey.

Quiznos Hours

The operating hours of Quiznos varies as per the location which you are looking out for. The two most common timings are 10AM-7PM and 7AM-6PM.To find the exact operating hours, check with the specific Quiznos location. 

Quiznos Locations

To easily find a Quiznos near your home, use the Quiznos Store locator. Currently over 2,000 branches of Quiznos serve in national and international locations.

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We hope you find all required details in this post regarding Quiznos survey. Do tell us about your experience. Additionally, if we have missed any relevant information, feel free to tell us.

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