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www.tcby.com – Do you like TCBY’s flavored yogurt? We like them too! But today we are talking about how you can convey this to TCBY. When you love something, you must express it. Like other restaurants in the USA, TCBY also runs a feedback and survey program. To know about the ongoing survey program get in touch with the representative at the order counter or visit the official website of TCBY – www.tcby.com



Why should you take TCBY Survey

Being into the business of serving the country’s best yogurt, TCBY wants to know how you feel about them. The survey program lets you give feedback and suggestions online about your recent visit to TCBY. In return you get a reward from TCBY. 

How to take TCBY Survey

The most important thing you need is to visit the store personally and order your favorite items on the menu. Keep the order receipt until you take the survey. The receipt usually carries details of the survey. You may alternatively enquire at the counter for any ongoing surveys or reward programs. 

Answer the questions and give ratings honestly. Surveys are meant for the benefit of the restaurant. When you give your feedback, it is taken into consideration for improvement. So, when you visit the restaurant next time, you get better service.

Delicious Menu of TCBY

From a plethora of delicious options like chocolate almond, orange sorbet, ruby red grapefruit sorbet, TCBY also offers customization as per your likings. Additionally, you can select from a range of toppings to add that extra kick to your cup of yogurt. To name some they offer gummy bears, marshmallow, milk chocolate chips, mini m&ms, raspberries etc. The menu does not end here! TCBY also serves special items like sundaes, banana splits, milk shakes, frappe chillers and cappuccino chillers. 

If you have not heard of Frozen Yogurt Cakes and Pies, you definitely must visit TCBY today. Fans of TCBY know what it is to enjoy Frozen Yogurt Pies and cakes. Some of the popular flavors include White Chocolate Mousse, Golden Vanilla, Low Fat Chocolate, and Low Fat Strawberry.

TCBY on Healthy Offerings

Since the beginning, TCBY has been very serious about serving healthy items. Hence they commit to offer nutritional benefits along with great taste. The assortments allows you to choose from vegan, gluten-free, GMO-Free, protein-rich, and dairy-free diets. 

About TCBY

TCBY or popularly known as ‘The Country’s Best Yogurt’ is one of the largest chains of frozen yogurt stores in the USA. The first store of TCBY was opened in 1981 by Frank D Hickingbotham in Little Rock, Arkansas. It had over 100 stores by the year 1984 through the franchise route started in 1982. TCBY was named “This Can’t Be Yogurt”. However they were forced to change to the present name due to a lawsuit filed by a competitor-” I can’t believe it’s yogurt”. TCBY in 1995 co-branded with Taco Bell, Subway, Burger King, and Mc Donald’s.

From 1991 till 2000, the tallest building in Arkansas, Simmons tower located in downtown Little Rock was occupied by the company and was renamed as TCBY Tower. After the acquisition by Mrs. Fields in early 2000, it became Mrs. Fields Famous Brands and the headquarters of the combined company was relocated to Broomfield, Colorado in 2012.

The number of TCBY locations got reduced from 1,777 in 2001 to 405 in 2011 after several waves of closing.

A variety of flavors of yogurt are served by TCBY. The older stores serve both soft serve and hard scooped yogurt while newer concept stores serve only soft serve. The new stores are based on the self-service concept and the charges to customers are based on the weight of the yogurt. Daily flavors in soft serve include Golden Vanilla, Chocolate, and Chocolate Mousse flavors, and aside there are a number of rotating flavors. Drinks such as Berriyo yogurt smoothies and frappe chillers are also served by TCBY.

A test launch of lunch and breakfast replacement bowls, smoothies, and parfaits made from non frozen fresh yogurt called Yovana-Simply Yogurt was launched in 2010 at two self-service company-owned stores at the Salt Lake City headquarters. 

A prototype store espousing a different business model was opened in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2010. The customers are not served in the traditional and rather they are charged by ounces for self-service of any combination of available yogurt flavors. 

A more nutrient-rich and reformulated version of its yogurt called Super Fro-Yo was launched by TCBY in May 2011. The yogurt by TCBY is now labeled low fat as the fat content has been brought below 2%. Greek frozen yogurt product, a first by any frozen yogurt chain was launched by the company on January 10, 2012.

On mother’s day, the brand offers free yogurt to all mothers and on father’s day, it offers free yogurt to all fathers. 

TCBY  Giveaway

In October 2009, TCBY launched a unique contest- “This Could Be Yours: The Great TCBY Store Giveaway,” that rewarded people with their own TCBY stores. The contestants had to submit a video of no longer than 2 minutes explaining what their town and they can offer to the brand. In short, they had to justify why they should be the owner of a TCBY store. Originality, business acumen, and creativity were the criteria on which the entries were judged. The original deadline for submission of videos was revised from November 30 2009 to March 31, 2010. Jared and Sarah Geer of Fayetteville, Arkansas were declared the winners on May 26, 2010. The winners opened their store IN April 2011 in Rogers, Arkansas sporting the TCBY’s self serve prototype and store design.

Our Take

Before you take the survey, ensure you are providing details to the official website only. Confirm the official link from the restaurant or call the customer support. Most of the time, the survey links are provided on the order receipt. We hope we were able to provide all the details you were looking for about TCBY surveys. In case we are not able to find what you were looking for, do let us know in the comment box below. 

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