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www.tellcampero.com – What do you think of your recent dining experience in Pollo Campero? You can share your valuable opinions at their customer satisfaction survey that can enable them to know how it can serve you better in the future. Every time they provide feedback, the customers get to enjoy a free offer on Pollo Campero Menu on their next visit to the restaurant.

In this post, we will walk you through the details of how you can enjoy free or a discounted menu at Pollo Campero. In this article we have provided details of survey restrictions, requirements and more! We have provided all the information you require to participate in the Pollo Campero survey. At the end of the post, we have answered a few common questions people ask while taking the survey. Read everything to make the most out of it.

www.tellcampero.com - Pollo Campero Survey to Win Free Reduced Promo Code

www.tellcampero.com – Pollo Campero Survey to Win Free Reduced Promo Code

If you have recently visited your favorite outlet of Pollo Campero and you want to share your suggestions and feedback about experience and service, please go to www.tellcampero.com. Pollo Campero’s survey is calling out all the customers to take time to share their honest experiences so they can understand you better. As a token appreciation for helping the company improve, the Pollo Campero survey will give every customer a validation code to redeem the offer printed on their sales receipt. Want to find out more about the Pollo Campero survey? We have got your back. 

Pollo Campero Customer Satisfaction Survey

Pollo Campero lets every customer assist them by providing their honest opinions, suggestions, and complaints so that they provide a better service in the future. This survey allows the company and the customer to be on the same page. You must submit your honest feedback/ suggestions at the Pollo Campero survey and win a discount coupon to redeem the offer printed on your purchase receipt.

Pollo Campero Survey Requirements

Customers participating in the Pollo Campero guest survey must have a recent receipt of Pollo Campero to enter details in the survey. This first screen of the survey website asks you to enter the Time & 10-Digit Coupon Code before moving on to the survey. Furthermore, the survey can be taken in Spanish and English. 

Pollo Campero Survey Restrictions

  • If you do not have a valid purchase receipt, you cannot participate in the Pollo Campero survey. Pollo Campero has opened the survey for customers who have dined at their outlet. 
  • You cannot participate in the survey if you are not a legal resident of the United States of America or the District of Columbia. 
  • You cannot participate in the survey, if you are an employee, staff member, or a family member of Pollo Campero.
  • Pollo Campero will accept the discount coupon code or the validation code that is written only on your sales receipt. This receipt should be the same receipt with the survey code for which you’ve taken the survey.

How to take Pollo Campero survey

Participating in the Pollo Campero survey is easy and quick. Just follow the steps below –

Step 1: Visit the official website to take the survey – https://www.tellcampero.com/

Step 2: The website will open by default in English. You can switch to Spanish by clicking on the link provided at the left corner. 

Step 3: Enter the time of visit. This information must be given on the purchase receipt.

Step 4: Enter the 10 digit survey code. This code is also mentioned on the purchase receipt.

Step 5: Click on ‘Start’ to begin the survey.

Step 6: Answer the survey questions honestly and provide your contact details.

Step 7: Once you complete answering all the questions, click on submit.

Step 8: You will now receive a discount coupon. Keep this coupon code saved until your next visit to the Pollo Campero outlet. 

Pollo Campero Survey Reward

When you share your feedback or suggestion through the survey, as a token of thanks, Pollo Campero gives away a discount coupon which can be redeemed for a discount on your next purchase at Pollo Campero. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I participate in the Pollo Campero survey without having a purchase receipt?

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Answer: No! You cannot participate in the Pollo Campero survey if you do not have a valid receipt. The survey is open to customers who have visited the outlet and made a purchase. The survey is to know the customer experience. Hence, if you are someone who has not experienced Pollo Campero service, this survey may not be for you. 

Question: What if I have lost the purchase receipt?

Answer: If you have lost the purchase receipt, you can try revisiting the store and ask for the receipt copy. The attendant may ask the time and amount of your purchase to generate a copy of your purchase receipt. 

Question: Can I pass on the purchase receipt to a friend to take the survey on my behalf?

Answer: It is advised that the survey is taken by the person who has visited the outlet and experienced Pollo Campero service. 

Question: Can I exchange my coupon/ reward with cash?

Answer: No! Pollo Campero does not have a policy of reward exchange with cash

Question: Can I participate in the survey multiple times?

Answer: No! You can participate in the survey just once. Every time a customer participates in the survey, he is asked for the unique survey code which expires once a survey is taken using the unique code. 

About Pollo Campero

In 1971 in Guatemala, Pollo Campero was started as a humble restaurant. It grew to run over 400 stores across the globe to provide a unique food experience that’s full of life and seasoned with a little zest.

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We hope we were able to provide all the necessary details regarding the Pollo Campero survey. If you think we have missed providing any information, do let us know in the comment box below. 

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