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www.tellculvers.com – You already know how crazily delicious Culver’s custards are, but you would be more excited to know they are free once you take the TellCulvers survey.

Craig and Lea Culver first opened their official Culvers in their hometown, Wisconsin, way back in 1984. With a farmer grandfather and a cheese maker dad, Craig surely had the right kind of background for opening a restaurant.



The restaurant is appropriately named after their lilting last name. Though initially, this wasn’t the case. In 1961 the Culver’s original family restaurant was named after the root beer brand and called “A&W restaurant”. It was re-named as “Culvers” in late 1984.

But surely it wasn’t their first restaurant business or rodeo since they have been running their own restaurant after purchasing one in 1961.

With their first restaurant in 1961, the pair started their venture and involved their kids in helping serve at the restaurant. This made them realize what value teamwork has in the restaurant business.

The Culvers that we all know and love was conceived as a brand after the pair had immense experience running their own restaurant which was later combined with their passion for dairy and amazing burgers.

If you are wondering which signature dish to start with, then you can choose from either their fresh frozen custard or the classic Butterburger. They are all made with their passion and family tradition

Take The TellCulvers Survey

Culvers’ are always striving to improve their product and services that’s why they created a special survey site www.tellculvers.com to get feedback on their services from each of their customers.

After the survey, you get a validation code which is the prize for taking the survey and entitles you to the beautiful free frozen custard.

Isn’t that a survey worth taking?

Read on to know how to submit the survey and win your free frozen custard.

How To Take The www.TellCulvers.com Survey

  • Buy anything at Culver’s restaurant and keep the receipt safe.
  • Visit their survey site www.TellCulvers.com
  • You would need to enter your 18 digit validation code which is in your receipt along with the TRN code, to access the survey
  • Once you have completed and submitted the survey, a validation code would be sent to you which can be used to get free yummy fresh custard on your next visit.

TellCulvers Survey Official Homepage – www.tellculvers.com Survey Criteria

  • You should have bought something at the Culver’s restaurant and saved the receipt
  • You must enter the survey by visiting TellCulvers.com and getting your validation code to enjoy free custard
  • You must have a mobile phone or a computer, or a laptop with a high-speed wifi internet connection.
  • You must know either English or Spanish.
  • You must be adult

More Culver’s Sweepstakes

Butter burger Believe it Sweepstakes is happening in the period May 7-June 10th 2018; you can enter that contest during that time.

You can get a sweepstakes entry code by either purchasing a value basket (consists of French fries, medium soft drink, and a sandwich) or buying a Medium Fountain Drink.

Grand Prize: $25,000 Grand Prize

  • 25 Hamburger Day Prize which has: 1 large Butterburger shirt, 5 coupons to get a free value basket, 1 Culver’s card worth $25
  • 35 Daily Prizes: The winner gets a check of $1,000.
  • 35 Instant win prizes: 1 large Butterburger shirt

Other Instant win prizes: A total of 350 coupons are awarded which can be used for a free value basket. 10 such coupons are awarded on each day of the promotion.

Apart from their signature finger-licking custard, the Culver’s restaurant also serves many other dishes. No introduction is needed for the Culver’s brand. They also have a good variety of fast food like Fresh Frozen Custard, Butter Burger, Premium Chicken, Sandwiches, Shakes Malts & Floats.

TellCulvers web site has been launched by them to get customer’s feedback and better their services based on that. It’s a transparent survey done by real customers. This survey aims to know how they actually fare and what customers think of their services. The Customer Satisfaction Survey has worked amazingly well for the Culvers.

If you are asked whether you want to eat Culver’s famous frozen custard for free, the answer is obviously yes! You can do so by taking TellCulver’s survey and enjoy its mouth-watering custard on Culver’s premises, without shelling out a penny.

TellCulvers Survey Rules & Regulations

Every survey has rules. So does TellCulvers Survey. We’ve listed the rules and hope that you abide by them to complete the survey successfully. 

  • Ensure you take the survey only on the official website – www.tellculvers.com
  • You must have Culver’s purchase receipt with the survey code on it.
  • You can take the survey only once.

TellCulvers Survey Participation Steps

Step 1: Visit www.tellculvers.com.

Step 2: Submit the survey code from your purchase receipt.

Step 3: Click on the “Submit” button.

Step 4: Answer the survey questions. 

Once you complete the survey, you can claim for freebies at Culver’s. 

What happens if you do not complete the survey?

For any unfortunate reasons, like internet disconnection, if you are not able to complete the survey, you will not be able to participate again. 


TellCulvers surveys are much loved by people in the United States and Canada. By participating in TellCulvers Survey, you can contribute to Culver’s mission to keep improving.

While people love taking the survey, they enjoy free meals like custards, sandwiches, etc. Further, Culvers ensures that every survey entry is analysed. Hence it is important that you just don’t take the survey for freebies but to help Culvers do better in their service. 

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