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www.tellsubway.com – If you are on this page, we are sure you are looking for the right way to grab free meals from Subway surveys. If you are someone who loves subway meals and want them to add something in their menu, tell them straight. Grab the opportunity to tell Subway what you feel about their stores, staff, menu and service. 

In this post, we will tell you all the information related to the Subway survey. We hope you’ll be able to swiftly participate in the survey following the instructions on this post. 



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Subway Survey Criteria

You must be 18+ years at the time of taking the Subway survey and must have an order receipt. 

How to take the Subway survey

Step 1: Visit the official link

  Step 2: Enter the survey code

   Step 3: Answer the survey questions

    Step 4: Provide contact details

      Step 5: Submit the Survey

Once you finish submitting the survey, you will receive a validation code. This code is your reward redemption code. Show it at your next visit to the store. Take away the free cookie!

Requirement Purchase Receipt
Language English
Reward Subway Cookie
Receipt Validity 30 days

About Subway

Subway majorly sells submarine salads and sandwiches and is an American privately held restaurant franchise. As of October 2019, it is present in more than 100 countries at 41,512 locations and is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world. The USA boasts of more than half (57.6%) of its locations. It is the largest restaurant operator worldwide and also the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the whole world. 

Subway group of companies had the following organization structure as of 2017:

  • The intellectual property of the restaurant system is owned by SubWay IP INc. 
  • The franchising operations are led by Franchise World Head Quarters LLC.
  • The point of sale software of the subway is owned and licensed by FWH technologies.

Some of the prominent franchisers are Subway Franchise Systems of Canada, Ltd, Subway International B.V, Doctor’s Associates Inc. in the U.S, etc. Some of the prominent advertising associates are Subway Franchisee Canadian Advertising Trust, Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, Ltd., etc. 

In European countries, IPC Europe (Independent Purchasing Company Europe Limited) manages the sub card loyalty scheme and subway franchises. 

The international headquarters of Subway is situated at Milford, Connecticut and the international operations of the company are supported by 5 regional centers at :

  • Brisbane(Australia) for Australia and New Zealand. 
  • Miami for Latin America 
  • Beirut(Lebanon) and Singapore for Asia
  • Amsterdam(Netherlands) for Europe

The first version of Subway was “Pete’s Super Submarines” started by Fred de Luca in 1965 at Bridgeport, Connecticut by borrowing $ 1,000 from friend Peter Buck. Doctor’s Associates Inc was formed in the next year by the two friends to manage the expansion of the franchise. Buck has a doctorate in Physics and DeLuca’s stated aim was to earn enough to pay for medical school’s tuition fees. .Doctor’s Associates Inc is neither affiliated nor endorsed by any medical organization. The name of the sandwich shop was changed to SubWay in 1968.

In 1978, the first SubWay on the west coast was opened in Fresno, California. In December 1984, Subway opened its first branch outside North America in Bahrain. The first location in the United Kingdom was opened in 1996 at Brighton.Subway began operating stores inside Walmart supermarkets in 2004 and by 2007 overtook the number of McDonald’s stores inside Walmart. SubWay has repeatedly ranked in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 since 2007. It was in third place in the global “Top Global Franchises” list and the first place on the “Fastest Growing Franchise” list as of 2015. With 33,749 restaurants worldwide,1,012 more than McDonald’s at the end of 2010, it became the largest global food chain. 

Subway Locations

As of July 2020, the restaurant is present in 111 countries across the globe at around 41,600 locations. All the locations are independently owned. The major concentration is in North America with the USA leading the way with 24,129 locations followed by Canada at 3,155 and finally by Mexico at 929. The number of locations in the USA is more than that of Starbucks and Mc-Donalds combined. The countries with most locations outside North America include the United Kingdom (around 2,300), Brazil (around 2,200), and Australia (around 1,400). 

Subway Menu

The flagship product of Subway is the submarine sandwich or “sub”.Aside, the chain also sells salad, paninis, wraps, and baked goods (muffins, doughnuts, cookies, etc). 

The best selling sandwich of Subway is the B.M.T. (short for “Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest”) which majorly is composed of ham, salami, and pepperoni. Originally the name stood for Brooklyn Manhattan Transit.

Flatbread, English muffins, and breakfast sandwiches are also sold by Subway.Subway introduced the concept of “personal pizzas” in 2006 in some US markets. Heated for 85 seconds, these are made to order like the subs. Pizzas and breakfast items are also available in some stores. To further improve its breakfast menu in the USA; in 2009, Subway signed an exclusive deal to serve Seattle’s best coffee. 

Subway was named as the best provider of “Healthy Options” (in the “Mega Chain” category) in a 2009 Zagat survey. It also occupied the top place in “Top Service” and “Most Popular” rankings. In the overall rankings, it occupied the second place behind Wendy’s. 

$5 footlongs: In 2008, Subway made a unique promotional offering of foot-long submarine sandwiches (excluding double meat and premium varieties) in the continental United States and Canada for 5 dollars. Initially, it was billed as a” limited time one-time promotion only”. “Five Dollar Footlongs” proved upon its completion of the restaurant’s best promotion. The massive customer response prompted Subway to create a permanent  “$5 Footlong Everyday Value Menu” which contains footlings for $5. 

A monthly rotating $5 footlong has been present since 2011. A similar promotion was launched in October 2011 in the United Kingdom. For $3, the customers can buy any of 9 subs and a drink for a 6-inch sub a foot-long sub can be purchased for $5. The high cost of doing business in San Francisco resulted in discontinuation of the five-dollar footlong promotion. Some subway locations started discontinuing the $ 5 promotion from June 2014. The $5 promotion was ultimately discontinued by Subway on November 1 2014 and the replacement was a simple $6 menu which included a six-inch select, a drink, and a choice between cookies or chips. 

A new cost of $6 each was declared for all classic footlongs on February 4, 2016. The $5 promotion was relaunched on January 1 2018 at participating locations with a $ 4.99 footlong menu of 5 subs. On September 9, 2018, the discontinuation of a $5 footlong promotion was announced. This was a boost for franchise profits. 

Italian Hero: Subway launched an Italian-(American) sandwich; Italian heroin early 2017 and its advertising campaign described it as such. Stereotypical Italian-American characters featured in two comedic spots one of which had a cameo by sportscaster Dick Vitale. The spots were shot on and around the stoop of a New York / New Jersey tenement building. The role of different Italian meats and other ingredients was discussed in one of the ads by Food Network’s Jeff Mauro, the Italian-American sandwich king. 

Our Take

Ready for the survey now? We hope we were able to provide details related to the Subway Survey. If we’ve missed anything, that can be fruitful for the readers do let us know in the comment box below. 

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