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www.usaa.com/activate – The USAA (United Services Automobile Association) is a Fortune 500 company of diversified financial services based out of San Antonio. It includes a Texas department of Insurance-regulation Company and its reciprocal subsidiaries that offer insurance, banking, and investing. These services are offered to those people and their families who served in the US Armed forces. It had 12.4 million members by the end of 2017.

A group of 25 US Army officers formed USAA in San Antonio in 1922. This was done as a means of mutual self-insurance as they were not able to secure auto insurance. Auto insurance was an issue for them since military officers were perceived to be a high-risk group. Since then, USAA has expanded, and it now offers insurance and banking services to all members of the Armed forces, past or present. It also includes officers and enlisted along with their families. By virtue of its revenue in the year 2018, this company stood at No. 100 in the Fortune 500 list of the largest US Corporations.



The organization’s original name was the United States Army Automobile Association, which was changed in 1924 to the United Services Automobile Association. This happened when commissioned officers belonging to other US Military services were also made eligible for the membership. Early in its history, the company opened branches in London (England), Germany, and Frankfurt. The idea of this company was conceived when 25 US Army officers met at the Gunter Hotel on June 20, 1922, to have a discussion on procuring economical and reliable auto insurance.

USAA has its headquarters in northwest San Antonio, Texas. It occupies an area of 286 acres (116 ha), which earlier used to be a horse farm.

USAA, a credit union or bank?

Technically it is a Federal savings bank. A mutual insurance company owns it, so basically, it is a bank owned by those who hold insurance products. Though it is not a credit union, its ownership structure and incentives are very similar to that of one.

Is USAA only for the military?

Any retired, active, or separated veterans (who were discharged as “Honorable” from the US Military) can have a USAA membership. Even their family members are entitled to it. 

You can read here all the eligibility criteria for family members to have a USAA membership.

Is USAA free?

USAA, with its offering of premium services as standard for all accounts, has been an innovative bank for years. These services include free rewards debit cards, free savings, and checking accounts with no fees for minimum balance, free protection from overdraft, free checks, free web bill pay, and a lot more.

Activating a debit card on the USAA app?

You would need to log into your account with the new card, click on “My Accounts,” and click on “checking account”. After that, choose “I Want to Activate Debit Card,” which will take you through the process of activation, just follow the instructions.

The Debit and Credit cardholders of USAA can go online to activate their cards. You get many facilities with this premier financial institution like life insurance, home insurance, online banking facilities, and auto insurance. Activating this card is very easy by the online method, and you do not need to go to the bank to do that.

Products Offered

Various kinds of financial products are offered by USAA like:

Insurance, from business to Auto

Banking – covers the home mortgage and savings account

Real estate, Mutual funds, Health insurance, Retirement, and IRAs, as well as Home solutions to online shopping deals

Eligibility for USAA Card

You are eligible for this card if you have US residency. For non-US residents, a passport or permanent resident card is needed.

Your SSN, contact information, details of your or your family member’s military service, and your DOB

Activating USAA Card via Phone

You can also activate your card through phone by dialing their customer service number, 1-210-531-8722

The call goes to its automation call process, where you would need to provide details like card number, 3 digit CVV number, and card’s expiration date.

Once your details are verified, your card will be activated soon.

Resetting USAA account password online

Step 1: You could go to their login portal, www.usaa.com/activate, if you want to reset your password for the USAA account.

Step 2: Below the “Login” button, you will find” I forgot my password” option.

Step 3: Click and follow the steps.

Step 4: The system will now prompt to enter your online ID 

Step 5: Now, click “Next” to continue

You are done!

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