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www.wingstreet.com – Did you try the yummilicious deep-fried buffalo wings sloshed in spicy barbecue sauce at Wingstreet? Or are you in love with apple pie and fries? Well if you are a fan, you must let WingStreet know about it. The restaurant runs a customer feedback survey allowing you to share your suggestions and what you feel about their menu and service. WingStreet outlets are along with Pizzahut outlets. So ensure that you provide your feedback clearly when talking about WingStreet service. 


WingStreet Feedback and Survey

Check for the ongoing survey and rewards from Wingstreet. Most of the survey asks for customer ratings and gives away free meals as a token of appreciation. 

How to participate in the Survey

  1. Check at the order counter of the restaurant whether the store is running a survey for the customers. Most of the time restaurants have a 24 hour feedback link which you can fill anytime. These feedback may not have rewards but are a good way to let the restaurant know how you feel about them. 
  2. Look for an official website link on the internet. You will be asked to enter details of your last purchase from WingStreet. Ensure you keep the receipt saved until you take the survey. 
  3. WingStreet is a part of Pizzahut franchise. You can participate in the Pizzahut survey and provide your suggestion related to WingStreet.

Importance of Surveys

Surveys are a great way to let the restaurant know how you feel about their existence. The surveys contain questions related to restaurant ambience, service of the staff, food on the menu etc. The answers received are taken as suggestions that are later used for improvement in the restaurant functioning. It helps the decision makers of the restaurant to make changes in their working so that you get better service the next time you visit your favorite outlet.

Who can participate in the Survey

  1. Only the legal residents of the US who are 18 years and above can participate in the survey
  2. Employees, family members or anyone related to restaurant in anyway are not allowed to participate
  3. You must have experienced the service of WingStreet to participate in the survey

Feedback Giving to WingStreet

WingStreet offers breaded and traditional buffalo wings, chicken wings and many other side dishes to go along with pizzas. They offer Take-away, Delivery and Dine-in facilities. Apart from wings they are also popular for their sauces. The menu for sauces includes Garlic Parmesan, cajun and lemon pepper dry rubs, Teriyaki, Spicy Garlic, and Honey BBQ. We suggest you give feedback for side dishes and sauces too. 

When you visit the outlet, note how you are treated, temperature of the food, cleanliness etc. These pointers will help you give suggestions to the restaurant. 

Every visit to the restaurant will give you a different experience. Hence, when you give feedback ensure you are referring to the date and time of the visit as well.

Tips to Participate in WingStreet Survey

  • Always give your honest feedback. Every customer feedback is taken seriously to implement changes for the betterment of the restaurant and its service. Your complaints, suggestions and feedback about a staff member can impact on his job, his payouts and perks. 
  • Even if you have not visited the outlet, you can give feedback if you have opted for home delivery order. Grab every opportunity to let the restaurant know how they are doing. 
  • Do not give your opinion based on what you’ve heard from others. Ensure you’ve personally visited the restaurant or experienced WingStreet service at your home. 
  • Give the feedback the same day as your experiences are fresh and you’ll be able to explain your points better. 

Frequently Asked Questions about WingStreet Survey

 Question: I can’t find the official link to the WingStreet Survey online. Where can I search for it?

Answer: The restaurant may not run the survey all through the year. Hence, if you are not able to find the official link, it is possible there is no survey running in this particular time.

Question: What are the other ways to give feedback to WingStreet?

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Answer: You can ask for feedback form at the outlet. Additionally, you can also Call the WingStreet Customer Care on 626-791-0800 and share your grievances. 

Question: Does WingStreet offer rewards for taking the survey?

Answer: Each survey is different and may not offer rewards in all surveys. So, before you participate in the survey, ensure you check for the reward/ giveaway. 

About WingStreet

WingStreet is a restaurant chain and a specialist in chicken owned by Yum!Brands.Yum! Brands also owns Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut which are in fact sister franchises of WingStreet.The chain is present in more than 5,000 locations in USA and Canada as of 2014. This brand is always found in co-location with Pizza Hut. 

WingStreet was launched by Yum! In 2003 as an add on combination unit with Pizza Hut Franchise. The combo opened their 1,000th restaurant in 2007. A thousand WingStreet stores per year were opened in 2007 and 2008.Scott Bergen,the company’s president publicised WingStreet’s national launch on October 19, 2009. Aggressive growth and 4,000 locations by 2012 was predicted by the Chain.A standalone pilot store was opened by Pizza Hut in Denton,Texas in 2012. This was the only location ever which was not co-branded with Pizza Hut and was unsuccessful as sales were not sufficient. The location which served chicken sandwiches closed in the following year.

The restaurant apart from its specialised chicken wings also offers other menu options like apple pies, potato wedges, cajun or ranch style french fries, chicken tenders and fried chicken sticks. Onion rings, curly fries and jalapeno poppers are also offered by some locations. 


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We hope we were able to provide all the information you were looking for on the WingStreet survey. By any chance if we have missed any information, do let us know. Fill in your feedback about this post in the comment box below.

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